Thursday, February 22, 2007

a belief i share

changeseeker has posted her manifesto on life. i think that she pretty much nailed it right on the head.


Renegade Eye said...

It is a well written humanist statement.

Paul said...

Thanks for the referral. My comment was:

In the US, capitalism has basically become as rigid an ideology as communism. The idea that "the market" will take care of all ills is a firm belief, all evidence to the contrary not withstanding. Personally, I think it's more like a pretend ideology used to justify greedy actions to the masses.

jovial_cynic said...

Unfortunately, a government entity of any shape (communism, socialism, collectivism, etc., etc) will fall to these vices. A government must be viewed as an organism concerned solely with self-preservation and growth. At the government level, there is no true concern for individuals, any more than an animal is concerned for its own cells. And can you blame it? What government should spend time concerned with individuals when other governments are competiting for available resources, be it power (Iran's nukes), military positioning (US involvement in the middle east), economic leveraging (China's massive exports)?

It's not pleasant when you're merely a cell in a larger organism, but that's the reality, and to deny that is to only fool yourself. There is no man-made government that will throw off self-interest for the sake of the good of the people; it could not possibly function.

Elizabeth said...

She had me until this part "I believe that all life is sacred and that not to honor it--in all its forms--is to disrespect and dishonor not only one's Self, as well as all that came before us and will come after us, but also the very Creative Source from which we spring" Sounds like she's advocating for the fetus - I just don't share the belief that a blob of cells is a form of life. It has the potential but it's not life.