Thursday, February 15, 2007

ahhh valentine's day...

hubby and i don't really celebrate on holidays anymore. we have decided that we are just going to love each other every day and get each other stuff whenever we feel like it. now, before you think that we are snobby or noble or cantankerous scrooges- mainly it's because we already have too much stuff. yes, we are blessed with having what we want when we want it. so, rather than get more stuff that we don't need to try and find space for- or donate- that is the route we have chosen. plus, we have found that most of the people in our lives are in the same boat- and it is just too hard to buy for folks who have everything. and really- why should we have to?

so- as far as valentine's day? we romantically shoveled together :) yes, the only storm of the season so far hit yesterday and we got like 3 feet of snow. so- we shoveled. after that, leftovers and some tv. not bad.

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Mary said...

Shoveling, leftovers and tv sounds perfect to me. I do miss snow.