Friday, January 05, 2007

welcome 110th congress!

ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the people's congress. if you are new or if you are re-elected- here's the deal: we expect you to work for us. you see, we are the people that are mentioned in the constitution that you swore to defend- against enemies foreign and domestic. you represent us. um- let me repeat myself in case you didn't catch that- you represent us. it would be in your best interest to represent your constituents- that's 'we the people'- because if you don't- we will vote your asses out. oh- that's with or without the diebold machines by the way. so- speaker pelosi, president of the senate cheney, and senate majority leader reid- this is what 'we, the people' want:

-end iraq now
-accountability for war crimes of bush and cheney- and what the hell- the rest of the executive branch
-civil liberities restored
-deficit and economics restored- no more breaks for the rich. they have to pay like the rest of us.

that's the first 5 things- i think that you can handle that in the first 100 days. to the democrats- hey- we will give you some slack. but-- and it is a big but- we will be watching. while we understand that this is a big mess to clean up- we will not tolerate bullshit. no concessions on integrity or ethics period. 'we the people' deserve to have a government that works in our best interests- and not in the interests of continuous campaign.

in the words of the immortal 'V': "people should not be afraid of their governments. governments should be afraid of their people."

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Peacechick Mary said...

You go girl! So far, they are moving along on the things they said they would and wrote a letter to Bushie saying no to the surge. Good start.