Monday, January 22, 2007

are white supremicists in charge of right wing?

you tell me. we have very real issues out there- war, loss of civil liberties, climate change, worldwide poverty and disease, civil unrest, etc., etc.- and what do the right wing pundits choose to focus in on? barack obama's middle name and the fact that he is a smoker. uh huh. suddenly there is this great left wing muslim conspiracy to take over america because a man of color is running for president and his deceased father was a muslim. sigh. apparently, and this will be news to many folks who believe in a higher power, you can't believe in god and be pro-choice either. then, there's just rampant stupidity. oh- and whether or not obama is good in bed- which i find odd that limbaugh is discussing- oh wait- i guess i don't find it odd that he is discussing whether or not another man is good in bed. oh- did i say that out loud? so, in the face of the proof of their words, do the right wing pundits take responsibility for their racist, bigoted remarks? some do- most don't. that's right- or correct if you will- now they are blaming none other than hillary clinton for spreading vicious rumors about obama. of course, they don't limit themselves to just people of color, oh no- they also attack gay folks and any other minority group that they can think of. it just doesn't matter. keith olbermann recently wondered aloud on his show why o'reilly keeps his job- couldn't tell ya keith. can't tell ya- other than ratings- why colbert gave him any publicity either. this is the way o'reilly and savage respond to any criticisms.


Gledwood said...

Are white supremacists in charge of the right wing??

I don't know a lot about your politics, but reading between the lines of what I do read and hear...

Yes, there's a definite movement in that direction.



ps I found your blog quite randomly. Come see mine! It is VERY different!!

C-dell said...

I think it is ashame. Why can't we run on the facts and actual compentence as a politician. Such a shame that we smear people and put them down to make ourselves look better.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Are white supremacists in charge of the right wing??
I'd like to say "yes", then walk away feeling self righteous. Definitely, they fill the wrong wing's ranks, but I believe we have some of our own, too. Ours are just far more PC, well coached on what/how to say and act "around them." In other words, we're better liars on that issue. The wrong wing has long been a haven for the "white man only" type of ignorance.

Undeniable Liberal said...

Obama is an islamonazicommiefascist, and soon we will all be saying:Allah bless Islamamerica. The Reich wingnuts warned us that this would happen.