Saturday, December 30, 2006

cat blogging- mommy's babies




Anonymous said...

Black and white kitty: "Just happy to be the top assistant for the blog!"

Gray striped kitty: "Five more minutes...just five more minutes please!"

betmo said...

hmmm... should probably reintroduce the lovely assistants :)

Peacechick Mary said...

Look at those beautiful eyes! Those are a couple of healthy, well loved cats.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

yes, those kitties look very happy and content. Probably like their momma after the November elections!

I hope you and yours have a happy and healthy 2007. And I hope our planet has a more peaceful 2007.

I love kitties!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

What on earth is that thing behind the beautiful black kitty? An ironing board on steroid?:) Yes I'm nosy.:)