Thursday, December 14, 2006

organization of interest- UNICEF

"For every child- Health, Education, Equality, Protection- ADVANCE HUMANITY"

UNICEF is 60 years old and has been helping women and children around the world. their state of the world's children report for 2007 is out now. take a look. as outgoing secretary-general of the united nations, kofi annan, said recently,

"It is not realistic to think that some people can go on deriving great benefits from globalization while billions of their fellow human beings are left in abject poverty, or even thrown into it. We have to give our fellow citizens, not only within each nation but in the global community, at least a chance to share in our prosperity."

we, here in america, cannot go on taking and taking and taking and not giving back. throwing a few dollars here and there to make ourselves feel better isn't going to cut it. it is not our right to have whatever we want while the rest of the world suffers. there is no reason for it. all of those people are fellow humans who share our planet and their lives do effect ours in ways that are incalcuable but have and impact. it is our duty and our responsibility to be active participants in our global community- not leeches.

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Anonymous said...

i usually have everything bought, paid for and mostly wrapped by thanksgiving.
It should be some kind of a crime for anybody to be that organized!:)

I hate what is passed as "Christmas" right up until Christmas Day. Then we can pull the blinds, lock the doors, and have our interpretation of Christmas.

And there's where all the shit storms start. As usual, the Evangelicals know the exact moment, time, and reason for anything.......