Friday, December 22, 2006

open thread commentary-happy contrived holidays

not to beat a dead horse- but we have been discussing the holiday season quite a bit lately- and while i don't want to dampen anyone's spirits or feelings of frivolity- i think that there is something that you should recognize: not everyone enjoys the season. contrary to the american 'norman rockwell' set- not everyone in this country enjoys the hustle and bustle of getting hassled at the mall. indeed, internet sales are up this year. not everyone looks forward to christmas with joy and enthusiasm- for a variety of reasons. in fact, there are so many folks out there who are depressed and hurting, many churches hold 'blue christmas services.'

we all know the ' history' of christmas. the whole supposed birthday of jesus christ- that just so happens to coincide with the pagan rituals for the winter solstice- but hey, those early christians wanted to be inclusive. my thought is this- we have had christmas celebrations for a few thousand years now- and we have had organized religions around longer than that. peace and love for our fellow man are supposed to be the over riding precepts for these religions- and what have we had to show for it? hmmmm..... since ancient times jews, muslims, and christians have fought for power and control. in modern times- hmmmm.... power and control. we have hindus fighting muslims in india and pakistan. we have muslims fighting jews and christians in the middle east. we have christian leaders in this country calling for the assasination of other countries' leaders and muslim clerics calling for the heads of the christians. you have the jewish leaders marching against homosexuals and killing muslims in the gaza strip and lebanon. ho ho ho. folks if you all can't or won't get it together- i suggest that we go back to celebrating the winter solstice with the pagans.

so, if the reason for the season is peace and light- you folks are lacking. the retail establishment is lacking also because of the constant need to tell you what you need to buy. it has gotten so bad that people are renting storage units to hide gifts because they don't have room in their homes- or they have snoopy family members. the storage unit folks are making a profit. the problem many folks are running into is too much. i mean really- how many clothes, or games, or electronics, or knick knacks do people need? after so much, it's like why bother? my husband and his family have taken to drawing names because everyone is so hard to buy for. they have what they need and what they want and get it throughout the year. i send them all homeade cookies because they don't bake or cook.

so- if the non-inclusive decorations and the retail onslaught do it for you- and you feel happy and joyful- hey- happy holidays. just be mindful that many people don't have a family to share with; have lost a family member; have a loved one in harm's way; are too poor to buy into the whole 'season', are not christian. you can feel the way that you want to feel- just don't be surprised if the person next to you at work or in the store doesn't feel the same way. and- it isn't your right to feel insulted if they don't.


LPF said...

Betmo, If you wanna laugh, check out my new blog. Lets just say that Donnie has taken humor to a whole new level! HAHAHA!!! I just got it up, so I have to work on the set up. I think you might like the humor in the name and the post!

Lizard Princess said...

I just want to say, as a Christian, that on the whole, I don't see Christmas as a "Christian" holiday at all- how could it be? The main focus seems to be all about buying and selling, which is something that Jesus never promoted or focused upon. I celebrate Christmas, and I worship Christ on that day, but not really more or less than on any other day.
By the way, I enjoyed reading your blog.
-and Merry Christmas!

Coffee Messiah said...

Here, here.....

Cheers to you!

Dizzy Dezzi said...

For years I fretted and procrastinated my way thru the holiday season.

It wasn't until my husband went to Iraq the first time (in 2003) that I decided that we would forego the major trappings of the holiday. I was inspired by John Grisham's book "Skipping Christmas". We did do a small tree and some small wrapped gifts the day Dad got home around St. Patty's day in 2004, but that was as lavish as Christmas has gotten in 2-3 years.

I don't even accept invites to other people's homes on Christmas day...why would I want to add to their holiday drama?

We do get into the commercialization of the holiday, but Santa is a REAL fairy tale (a cute story--I had to stop my 5 yo from telling her best friend that Santa wasn't real when she was asked what he was bringing her for Christmas) and Christmas is a special time when Daddy gets to spend a few extra weeks at home (even more weeks since he recently redeployed--2 extra weeks, so he's underfoot for one month), but we don't decorate or try to outdo the Jones' in anyway way, although we do enjoy looking at the Jones' hard work.

I kind of feel sorry for everyone I know trying so hard to get in the Christmas spirit. Sometimes you can tell in their voice that there is something else they would rather be doing. I only have a couple of friends that love the "hustle and bustle".

I'll be taking advantage of the "free day" and just chilling with my kids.