Sunday, December 31, 2006

my new year's resolution

oh- come on now- we all have them and we all break them. i have at least 15 times said that i was going to get back to my fighting weight :) well, treadmill is on its way (no pun intended) and there is another resolution i am going to accomplish this year- i am going to consistenly work towards impeachment. no- not bush- cheney. cheney is far more dangerous. i don't want to put a damper on your new year celebrations but hey kids- it's back into the fray. cheney, gingrich and the minions have not taken a holiday. in fact, if anything, cheney has been taking more and more liberties and powers. he recently swore in gates as new secretary of defense while george looked on. he has officiated over ford's ceremony and the mainstream media picked up that he told bush t stay at the ranch- that george didn't know what it was like back in that time- so cheney would handle things. if the mainstreamers have picked up that this is the most powerful vp we have ever had- and have taken to calling cheney 'co-president,' houston- we have a problem. my thought is- cheney is moving into position to take over for good. while i don't give a flying you-know-what about bush per se- i am not looking forward to dictatorship under the cheneys. i can't help but think of the fema prisons and other secret prisons around the country- over 800 i think- and gitmo and what not. not pleasant. so- while you are working for peace or a new healthcare system or whatever- carve a bit of time to work towards cheney's impeachment. the alternative isn't very appealing. Happy New Year!!!!! right back here starting january 1st!!! i may even label my stuff :)


Chuck said...

You're totally right about cheney, betmo. He doesn't even try to hide that he's a horrible person. He has way too much power.

I'm still up for getting rid of both of them.

I don't think things have went according to plan for them though, thank goodness. I think we'd be much further along in their tyrranical takeover if it had.

The Democrats might very well have the power to remove them. At the very least they should start slowing the cabal down with investigations. The big problem is bush & cheney think they are invincible and unstoppable. No wonder. Look at their unchecked destruction so far.

Anonymous said...


I am a graduate of SUNY BINGHAMTON living in Chicago.... How ironic that to save the nation, we have to "protect Bush" till Cheney is gotten out. YOU ARE RIGHT!!! Cheney MUST GO FIRST!!!!!
I strongly recommend that you get everyone, especially the younger people to communicate with the New Congress, IMMEDIATELY on this point.... Cheney and Company, very much have the Hitler in the Bunker mentality.

More and more Republicans, like Senator Gordon Smith, Republican from Oregon, whose own 22 year old son committed suicide in September, 2003 are having pangs of conscience, and KNOW THERE IS NO FUTURE WITH THESE NEO-CON STRAUSSIAN CREEPS. They are against everything America has stood for in history, in reality.

So, it is the young that are crucial to this.... and I applaud your identification of Cheney as the one who has to GO NOW!!!! You are right! Gerald Pechenuk

betmo said...

gerald- i, too, am a bu grad. i attended when it was still suny binghamton- and graduated when they changed the name to binghamtion university. thanks so much for coming by and for your support. you are welcome anytime.

i hope that the time won't come when i have to be careful of speaking out against these people. i am afraid it is fast approaching.