Wednesday, December 06, 2006

iraq study group report

as everyone by now no doubt is aware, the iraq study group report is out. it is in pdf format- so you know. i skimmed through most of it- it is about 100 or so pages. i saw a bit of the press conference on cnn at the laundromat- and what immediately struck was--- it was old white guys making decisions again. no women on the panel and not one person who has a direct stake in it was represented. now, the case could be made that this panel was for american interests and the report is about what america should do in the situation. until--- you read the report. yep- it's about what america should do and what iraq should do- and pretty much all of the same players as always. what struck me about the recommendations was-- all of them were what people were telliing the moron brigade to do BEFORE the invasion. yep. regional involvement; united nations involvement; diplomacy was a recurring recommendation. huh. imagine that. direct dialogue and incentives- not just decentives- with and for iran and syria. huh. imagine that. the israel-arab conflict needs to be resolved. huh. imagine that. my personal thought is that they weren't hard enough on the israelis but i think that i am in the minority. my other thought was we are still too involved in the whole process and israel is still not being held as accountable as i think that they should be. fairness is not a western world strong point. so- i doubt that the moron brigade is going to adhere to much of the report. they will drag their feet as they did with the 9/11 commission's report and recommendations. overall, the report seemed like common sense. it was all of the things bushco refused to do and outright went out of their way not to do in the first place. take a skim through. you will see what i mean.



Time said...

I thought retired justice Sandra O'Connor was a member of the group?

betmo said...

perhaps she was- i don't recall her name on the report and i didn't see her at the news conference.

betmo said...

i just checked- and she is indeed on the report. but- again, i didn't see her at the news conference. my opinion still stands.

spadoman said...

Many are jumping ship in dubya's failed war and policies in Iraq, the world in general and here at home.

Even Gates, his new "boy" is saying the war is a sham. But is that how he got approval in a 98 to 2 vote? The two Senators are one of your favorites, Batmo, Santorum.

Keep the faith.

People forget that we left Vietnam in 1975 and we, (America), has lived through the so called "losing" of a war. To me, it would be a proud moment to say we erred and stop the killing. There is never a win/lose in war. Only loss. Only losing for the people who want peace.

Donnie McDaniel said...

What I found to be the perfect example of how disconnected Bush is, was when Gates said we are losing the war. Then Bush disagreed. Exactly what planet is that Critter on anyway?

betmo said...

according to the 'king of reality' rush limbaugh, they are the idealists and can't figure out why there is so much realism going on. i suppose it would be nice to still believe in santa claus too- but once the genie is out of the bottle, there isn't any putting it back. they don't let facts get in the way of their fantasies. they can't understand how we can. that is the disconnect.

Anonymous said...

hey b, have not had a chance to read the whole report yet, but so far I like what I hear. Some of the things I have been saying myself for a while.

Mainly--give the Iraqi government deadlines and hold them to it. I just think that only Iraqi's can change each other's minds. They have to convince each other to stop fighting.

Of course, bushie does not have to take the recommendations. They might make too much sense.

have a good one.