Monday, December 04, 2006


see- what i want to know is where the hell all of my money that is supposed to be spent on 'the war on terror' is going? i have my suspicions but i have no doubts that it isn't going to anything useful. homeland security is a money pit; the military gets rid of arabic translators on the flimsy basis that they are gay- and the fbi apparently believes that we don't need to know a tinker's dam about the middle east because:

"Senior FBI officials argue on the tapes that it's not necessary to have expertise in Arab culture — even in terrorism — to run the FBI's war on terror. It's leadership that matters most, they say."
nbc news

fantastic. so we don't need to know anything about the folks we are supposedly at war with- we just have to know how to rule them. how's that working out? hmmmm.... almost 4 years in a bottomless pit and the alleged ringleader of al quaeda still at large. hmmmm.....

excerpts fbi depositions


Anonymous said...

I don't know where it's going either, but I know it's going at right around eight BILLION a month. Yes, that was Billion.

landsker said...

The government conveniently takes up the slack in unemployment. All those manufacturing jobs that went to Asia, the "security situation" soaks up the sheeple who are more interested in a wage than the truth.

What kind of person becomes an "intimate cavity inspector". You know, those whackos who work at the airports, equipped with a latex glove and a lurid expression.
Or all those "wiretap monitors", and how many "agents" are watching the "monitors"?

Anonymous said...

That money goes to make that skating rink in some rinky-dink tiny town up North to make it safe from "terrorists", see?
Or to buy state-of-the-art Hazmat equipment (plus new truck, of course) for a central Texas town with a population of 1,218. I know, I drive into that town a couple of times a week.