Monday, December 04, 2006

constitution monday

"So the Bible is America's holiest book? Was there a vote? Did Oprah decide? Was it Jefferson? And if so was it his version of the Bible? Does that mean it is true of every American citizen? Even Kevin Federline? And if it is true then America, with its indifference to the poor and lust for money and power, would be seriously backsliding and in need of spiritual counseling."

david kuo- read the rest of the article

the declaration of independence

the constitution of the united states of america

the bill of rights


Anonymous said...

It's America's biggest book of bullshit, that's for sure! My latest was somewhat along the same lines.

DivaJood said...

I know I wasn't consulted about the holiest book in America. How can a personal decision be legislated, anyway?

pissed off patricia said...

Nobody asked me. I know one thing about it, it has been used, as of late, in particular to justify some pretty awful human activities.

Sarah said...

"No, the Bible isn't America's holiest book. America doesn't have a holy book. It does have two holy documents, however. One is called the Constitution. The other is known as the Declaration of Independence. That's it. Book study finished."

Right on David. Somebody should tell Pragert to read the documents before spewing out his nonsense.

John Good said...

Isn't it utterly amazing to hear such a piece written by a guy who worked in Bush's faith-based initiatives dept??