Wednesday, November 29, 2006

warning: wake up western world

this is something i have talked about before- and it is something that people need to get their heads out of their asses about. it is the rise of the asian countries developmentally and economically. apparently, i am not alone in sounding the alert- james wolfensohn agrees. now don't get me wrong, i don't begrudge these folks their moment in the sun. they work hard and they deserve to reap the benefits- i mean it is only capitalism at work right? just keep in mind that they will follow our lead. all of that pollution that has been contributing to global warming will continue but on an epic scale. nuclear proliferation? you betcha- and guess what? radiation travels on the wind currents- so if india and pakistan decide to go toe to toe- it still affects us. just something to keep in mind for the folks who think that america can do whatever the hell we feel like. china and india both have about 1 billion folks a piece so that is a helluva standing army. i'm just saying.

so- onto the middle east. with civil wars looming around every corner, we have limbaugh saying we should let the middle east blow itself up, tucker carlson promoting racial profiling and hysteria in airports, and the washington times making up news again. guess that waking up is going to take a little longer than we would have liked. thanks pundits, talking heads, and the so-called main stream media.

Cut and Run, the Only Brave Thing to Do

Sunday, November 26th, 2006


Tomorrow marks the day that we will have been in Iraq longer than we were in all of World War II.

That's right. We were able to defeat all of Nazi Germany, Mussolini, and the entire Japanese empire in LESS time than it's taken the world's only superpower to secure the road from the airport to downtown Baghdad.

And we haven't even done THAT. After 1,347 days, in the same time it took us to took us to sweep across North Africa, storm the beaches of Italy, conquer the South Pacific, and liberate all of Western Europe, we cannot, after over 3 and 1/2 years, even take over a single highway and protect ourselves from a homemade device of two tin cans placed in a pothole. No wonder the cab fare from the airport into Baghdad is now running around $35,000 for the 25-minute ride. And that doesn't even include a friggin' helmet.

Is this utter failure the fault of our troops? Hardly. That's because no amount of troops or choppers or democracy shot out of the barrel of a gun is ever going to "win" the war in Iraq. It is a lost war, lost because it never had a right to be won, lost because it was started by men who have never been to war, men who hide behind others sent to fight and die.

Let's listen to what the Iraqi people are saying, according to a recent poll conducted by the University of Maryland:

** 71% of all Iraqis now want the U.S. out of Iraq.

** 61% of all Iraqis SUPPORT insurgent attacks on U.S. troops.

Yes, the vast majority of Iraqi citizens believe that our soldiers should be killed and maimed! So what the hell are we still doing there? Talk about not getting the hint.

There are many ways to liberate a country. Usually the residents of that country rise up and liberate themselves. That's how we did it. You can also do it through nonviolent, mass civil disobedience. That's how India did it. You can get the world to boycott a regime until they are so ostracized they capitulate. That's how South Africa did it. Or you can just wait them out and, sooner or later, the king's legions simply leave (sometimes just because they're too cold). That's how Canada did it.

The one way that DOESN'T work is to invade a country and tell the people, "We are here to liberate you!" -- when they have done NOTHING to liberate themselves. Where were all the suicide bombers when Saddam was oppressing them? Where were the insurgents planting bombs along the roadside as the evildoer Saddam's convoy passed them by? I guess ol' Saddam was a cruel despot -- but not cruel enough for thousands to risk their necks. "Oh no, Mike, they couldn't do that! Saddam would have had them killed!" Really? You don't think King George had any of the colonial insurgents killed? You don't think Patrick Henry or Tom Paine were afraid? That didn't stop them. When tens of thousands aren't willing to shed their own blood to remove a dictator, that should be the first clue that they aren't going to be willing participants when you decide you're going to do the liberating for them.

A country can HELP another people overthrow a tyrant (that's what the French did for us in our revolution), but after you help them, you leave. Immediately. The French didn't stay and tell us how to set up our government. They didn't say, "we're not leaving because we want your natural resources." They left us to our own devices and it took us six years before we had an election. And then we had a bloody civil war. That's what happens, and history is full of these examples. The French didn't say, "Oh, we better stay in America, otherwise they're going to kill each other over that slavery issue!"

The only way a war of liberation has a chance of succeeding is if the oppressed people being liberated have their own citizens behind them -- and a group of Washingtons, Jeffersons, Franklins, Ghandis and Mandellas leading them. Where are these beacons of liberty in Iraq? This is a joke and it's been a joke since the beginning. Yes, the joke's been on us, but with 655,000 Iraqis now dead as a result of our invasion (source: Johns Hopkins University), I guess the cruel joke is on them. At least they've been liberated, permanently.

So I don't want to hear another word about sending more troops (wake up, America, John McCain is bonkers), or "redeploying" them, or waiting four months to begin the "phase-out." There is only one solution and it is this: Leave. Now. Start tonight. Get out of there as fast as we can. As much as people of good heart and conscience don't want to believe this, as much as it kills us to accept defeat, there is nothing we can do to undo the damage we have done. What's happened has happened. If you were to drive drunk down the road and you killed a child, there would be nothing you could do to bring that child back to life. If you invade and destroy a country, plunging it into a civil war, there isn't much you can do 'til the smoke settles and blood is mopped up. Then maybe you can atone for the atrocity you have committed and help the living come back to a better life.

The Soviet Union got out of Afghanistan in 36 weeks. They did so and suffered hardly any losses as they left. They realized the mistake they had made and removed their troops. A civil war ensued. The bad guys won. Later, we overthrew the bad guys and everybody lived happily ever after. See! It all works out in the end!

The responsibility to end this war now falls upon the Democrats. Congress controls the purse strings and the Constitution says only Congress can declare war. Mr. Reid and Ms. Pelosi now hold the power to put an end to this madness. Failure to do so will bring the wrath of the voters. We aren't kidding around, Democrats, and if you don't believe us, just go ahead and continue this war another month. We will fight you harder than we did the Republicans. The opening page of my website has a photo of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, each made up by a collage of photos of the American soldiers who have died in Bush's War. But it is now about to become the Bush/Democratic Party War unless swift action is taken.

This is what we demand:

1. Bring the troops home now. Not six months from now. NOW. Quit looking for a way to win. We can't win. We've lost. Sometimes you lose. This is one of those times. Be brave and admit it.

2. Apologize to our soldiers and make amends. Tell them we are sorry they were used to fight a war that had NOTHING to do with our national security. We must commit to taking care of them so that they suffer as little as possible. The mentally and physically maimed must get the best care and significant financial compensation. The families of the deceased deserve the biggest apology and they must be taken care of for the rest of their lives.

3. We must atone for the atrocity we have perpetuated on the people of Iraq. There are few evils worse than waging a war based on a lie, invading another country because you want what they have buried under the ground. Now many more will die. Their blood is on our hands, regardless for whom we voted. If you pay taxes, you have contributed to the three billion dollars a week now being spent to drive Iraq into the hellhole it's become. When the civil war is over, we will have to help rebuild Iraq. We can receive no redemption until we have atoned.

In closing, there is one final thing I know. We Americans are better than what has been done in our name. A majority of us were upset and angry after 9/11 and we lost our minds. We didn't think straight and we never looked at a map. Because we are kept stupid through our pathetic education system and our lazy media, we knew nothing of history. We didn't know that WE were the ones funding and arming Saddam for many years, including those when he massacred the Kurds. He was our guy. We didn't know what a Sunni or a Shiite was, never even heard the words. Eighty percent of our young adults (according to National Geographic) were not able to find Iraq on the map. Our leaders played off our stupidity, manipulated us with lies, and scared us to death.

But at our core we are a good people. We may be slow learners, but that "Mission Accomplished" banner struck us as odd, and soon we began to ask some questions. Then we began to get smart. By this past November 7th, we got mad and tried to right our wrongs. The majority now know the truth. The majority now feel a deep sadness and guilt and a hope that somehow we can make make it all right again.

Unfortunately, we can't. So we will accept the consequences of our actions and do our best to be there should the Iraqi people ever dare to seek our help in the future. We ask for their forgiveness.

We demand the Democrats listen to us and get out of Iraq now.


Michael Moore


Frederick said...

Lead by example, the old saying goes...We need to move forward out of Iraq.

pissed off patricia said...

I believe if we imprison the bush administration the world would have a more favorable opinion of us. They would see that we are still people who hold criminals responsible for their crimes.

DivaJood said...

War was never the answer. However, the PNAC had a position paper, a "five year plan" that required regime change in the middle east, begining with Iraq. These neoconservatives wanted complete destabilization in the middle east, and they have gotten their wish.

As we "progress" on our ill-begotten path, we are fast becoming a third world nation; poverty increases; the middle class erodes; our land and air are raped; all this so Dickhead Cheney can line his pockets and the frat boy puppet president can make a fool of us internationally. I used to say I was not ashamed to be American. On my recent trip to Asia, I told people I was Canadian.

Anonymous said...

Powerful words. And I agree with PoP. The leaders of this country are criminals. And they must be brought to justice. Must.

G_in_AL said...

Michael Moore is a goofy quack.. I thought you knew better girl!

anyway, just saying hi!

I can blog anymore... I've taken on too much. I'm finishing my degree in web design/programming, I'm running a bible blog for my church, and now coaching my kid's basketball team....

Wow, life creeps in like that sometimes though huh?

Oh, and I'm traveling for work. So, anyway, all that is just to let you know I still drop in from time to time, and I'm glad to see you here, but not so sure about the increasingly left lean you seem to have taken...



Tawcan said...

The mistake that US made is going into Iraq in the fist place. Can you really say that Iraq is better off now?

So who's next? North Korea?

Let me analyze this...

Iraq does not have WPD or nuclear weapon and gets invaded.
North Korea does have nuclear weapon and doesn't get invaded.

Hmm Kim Jong-il 1, Saddem 0.

Renegade Eye said...

I hope Moore is telling the truth, that he'd leave the Dems, if they don't withdraw from Iraq.

I hope he knows, under all the rhetoric about rich having priveledges in time of war, that Charles Rangel was dead serious about reinstating the draft. That is not an action of someone with an antiwar message.

Even Chalabi has called for US withdrawal from Iraq.

betmo said...

michael moore isn't a goofy quack- he is a far left liberal. doesn't mean that he doesn't have something meaningful to say. i have always been a lefty- just closer to the center than some. i guess i am considered far left to some but i don't consider myself to be so. good luck with the degree- with work and whatnot. i am always here- so stop by any time. :)

Mike K said...

I never thought that Michael Moore was extremely liberal. I think idealistic would be a better term. But that is not such a bad thing. The world needs people who think outside of the box. Perhaps not every one of his ideas is 100% pratical, but bits and pieces might be.

Boo said...

just a couple points...

1. you're going to see the asian countries who's pollution you're worried about doing way better than North America when it comes to controlling emissions and pollution. Despite their populations, they are ALREADY doing better. No worries there. Just wait and see - China will be the first to use hydrogen for energy on a grand scale. (check out the IEA if you dont believe me)

and 2. when you talk about "we" and "us" winning/conquering in the second world war, I sure hope that includes Canada, cause if you look in the history books, Canadians were fighting and dying and winning before the US ever got involved. And won as many battles for the Europeans as anyone.

Thats not against you Betmo, its just I see an awful lot of blog from the US that belittles Canada's part in WWII, and it was certainly as significant.

Anonymous said...

Americans need to know that when they're successful at defining the war on terrorism, they'll finally understand who the true terrorists are.