Tuesday, November 14, 2006

spreading theocracy around the world

well- spreading democracy to the rest of the world failed for america- in iraq and once upon a time in vietnam. apparently, cuba doesn't have anything we want because we are still punishing them for being communist- but have decided to take vietnam off of our 'list.' yes, that's right- america is reaching our hand across the water and meeting with vietnam- and in order to promote goodwill, we have taken them off of the list we keep of religious rights violators. so- if we can't win them over on democracy- i guess we have a good shot at theocracy. i mean, we have to fight back the horrible muslim hordes- oh wait...... we are putting uzbekistan on the list because of their violations AGAINST ethnic muslims. i am confused- aren't we supposed to hate muslims because of their religion? oh.... just brown muslims. i get it.

thanks to the future was yesterday for the article.

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Anonymous said...

dude what is wrong with you!!!!!!! islam is just a religion....dont be hating!!!!!