Thursday, November 09, 2006

organizations of interest

i am actually going to highlight our brave men and women of the armed forces. they not only fight in iraq and afghanistan- and wherever we send them- they fight for us here at home.

appeal for redress

iraq veterens against the war

military families speak out

veterans for peace


Human said...


We can thank many in the Military for Rummy's resignation.


Peacechick Mary said...

The Vets for peace frequently join us for street corner protests - great bunch of guys there and they do have some pull.

Anonymous said...

Your post is a good illustration of how one can protest the war and celebrate/honor the soldiers at the same time. Very thoughtful; thanks.

spadoman said...

To want the service men and women of our nation to come home and not have to kill and be killed is the ultimate support for them.

How can anyone say the troops are not supported by those that want peace in the world?

My wife and I are members of Chapter 27 Minneapolis, MN Veterans for Peace. These men and women have courage, not only from serving their country, nut by upholding their lifetime oath as a member of the United States Military. That is, ...defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.......

That defense comes in the form of many ways, one being, protesting the loss of rights of our citizens and fighting against an unjust war.

Also, see VVAW, Vietnam Veterans Against the War at:

This is another group that stands tall.

The Illinois HQ for the VFW recently backed the Republican candidate running against Tammy Duckworth. Duckworth is the woman who had her legs blown off defending our constition by being sent to Iraq when her country asked her to. The VFW backed a non-Veteran. Explain that one. The Repub won by a narrow margin, that was too bad, but Ms. Duckworth is a hero and always will be. The winner, (name escapes me as I loath republicans), couldn't be a pimple on Tammy's ass.

Glenda said...

I met with the woman who started IVAW when I was a Camp Casey recently..great to let folks know about these groups!