Friday, November 24, 2006

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"Against seemingly insurmountable odds and the constant threat of terror, Afghan women are stepping out of the shadows to support their country's economic development and regain their personal freedoms. In January 2005, 15 of these enterprising women participated in Project Artemis, a two-week entrepreneurial program at Thunderbird, in the hopes that they could start or expand businesses and become mentors for others in Afghanistan.

project artemis


Obob said...

Very cool, I hope they the chance to flourish. The treatment of women under the Taliban regime was beyond our comprehension. This makes obob very happy.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't that be beautiful if these courageous women can succeed? I suppose just surviving is a form of success, but oh, how I wish them the best.

Frederick said...

It's nice to hear good news from the region.

spadoman said...

I watched a subtitled movie on LINK TV the other night. I have Direct TV satellite. LINK is the channel where I watch Democracy Now. They play world music and show these short independent movies.

This one was about an Iranian woman whose husband died from war related issues. She attempts to run the small restaurant that her husband used to run. As a woman, she runs into many obstacles, most of which are related to the idea that women are not to be doing such things in that society.

We don't realize how different things are in other countries because of how things are here in America. We have our problems for sure, but other places are in the dark ages compared to the USA.

This is a good program you speak of. Hopefully things can change from it. There is a lot of work to be done.

Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

some good news on this black friday!!

I, too, wish them the very best!

Sewmouse said...

It's a wonderful thing.
I'm glad these women have taken the step to doing this - as well as shedding the cursed Burka and appearing only in Hijab.

However, since the US has mostly abandoned Afghanistan in order to pursue the debacle in Iraq, I wonder how long these women will have before the Taliban (which is returning to Afghanistan, including politically) executes them for their sin of pretending to be human?

That's not a wish, nor a sarcastic remark - it's a genuine fear.

betmo said...

again, it boils down to men stopping the insanity. they have to change their way of thinking- and start seeing their mates as people. they are cowards behind a religion.

Sarah said...

This is great news. These women are truly courageous.

Chuck said...

The fear for them is real. I hope the best for them, but Afghanistan is a scary place. Control of the world drug trade is there and almost everything I hear from there (except this) is disatrous.

To their success!

Obob said...

betmo you have hit a great post once again. You are attacking the problem women face at the core. The men. Let me stress, I open the door for women, fiercely push rule number one on my students (boys don't hit girls), mock the femi-nazis, etc. But in order for women to really have any progress on this planet, men need to get over themselves.
Whether it is the obscene use of religion (Taliban), economically (our glass ceiling), politically (no legitimate female canididate for president), to athletics (ask a man to say what he really feels about women's basketball without any repercussion ... he'll laugh, I do. But I will not piss off the women soccer players, they'll kick my ass, and ruggers/lacrosse.)
I stray, the fact goes down to cowardly men who fear the female race they have belittled for thousands of years will seek revenge for sins past. And some men deserve it. Others don't. I, like many, want even more equal rights and are ashamed Susan B. never voted legally in a federal election. At the same time, when the idiot savante Sumners at Harvard asks legitimate questions, quit acting like a bunch of mindless harpies, it makes the female race look bad.
Sorry i rambled, there is a good chance I offended some people, so be it. But understand as long as we have cowardly males who are afraid of discucssion, we are screwed.

No said...

What is a femi nazi actually?

Sarah said...

"What is a femi nazi actually?"

It was a term coined by Rush Limbaugh and has taken on several meanings since. For the most part, I think it is defined as a feminist who is intolerant and radical in her politics.

Or, ask Stephen Colbert ; )

Femi-nazis: Like regular nazis, cold hearted and godless. A menace to society and the American way of life.


* Destroy the foundation of true marriage between a man and a woman.

* Recruit women everywhere to become single mothers.

* Destroy Christianity by claiming God was a woman

* Expand the lesbian ranks by preying on insecure or confused young women

* Eliminate the shaving of legs and armpits

* Destroy all men and replace them with Bears