Wednesday, November 01, 2006

on john kerry

this is all i am saying on this matter- it is a non issue- thanks to media matters


DivaJood said...

Why did Lou Dobbs misconstrue Kerry's comments? That was weird.

Frederick said...

Yes, it is a non-issue, but an unfortunately timed non-issue.

Re: Your recent comment.

See here for who I'm voting for.

FreeCyprus said...

Bitmo said:
"i don't always comment at your place because those folks who comment don't always want to hear a difference in opinion and i don't feel like i should have to offer myself up as a sacrificial lamb to the slaughter for their amusement."

Bitmo, some (not all) of your blog's visitors are exactly the same way. See Sewmouse's reply to me a few posts back:

"Guess googling is too hard for the Republican Supporters. Or maybe he's one of the Pentagon's new Propaganda On The Internet spooks? "

I had made a negative comment about John Kerry, however that user doesn't want to hear what I have to say and is ALSO afraid of "a difference in opinion." For that user, I too am a "sacrificial lamb to the slaughter" for "amusement"...and in that sense, he or she is no different than the extremists that both you and I are fighting.

I'm glad what Bill Clinton said visiting Toronto still holds true (and always will):

"The central question for our time is not how you worship God or even whether you worship God. It's whether you believe in this life you can be in possesion of the absolute truth and you have the right to impose it on others..."

Folks, that applies to BOTH the Right and the Left and everything in between.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize John Kerry was still relevant. Is he still in the Senate? I have heard him do anything since he lost the election. Oh I forgot, he is a Democrat.

Sorry for the flippant tone of this comment, but I still can't see how these guys are going to save us.

glenda said...

It's all political...they want to stir things up.. and FAUX News is the best at picking and choosing their language to manipulate.

Sewmouse said...


You wanna make an issue of this - take it to my blog.

I'll not spar with you in Betmo's.

betmo said...

good for you fred! after reading your post about mr. sylvia- i am envious that i don't have that option as well. i commend you for actively seeking out information on the various candidates. i just wish he had a snowball's chance in hell of winning. we need more like him and less of what we currently have in the federal, state and local governments.

betmo said...

fc- i went back to see what your commenter said to me on that particular post and it appeared that he felt some inside 'wink wink' that i was a left wing nutjob who didn't have anything valuable to say. he completely ignored my suggestion that the folks in power should indulge us with their plan of action- beyond a few sound bites. i believe i also said that the folks who comment on your site lean farther right than you may- whether or not this is true is up to you- and that some folks in my blogosphere lean farther left than me. i believe i also said that anything left of where this particular commenter stood was too left for him. i would be happy to stand side by side in compromise next to a republican who was a moderate and who was willing to compromise with me. you may not see much of that here or anywhere on the left these days because of the unyielding stance that the current folks in power and their faithful followers have taken. i am more apt to listen to david gergen, john dean, john warner, and folks who are not hard line neo cons. so, you say that you value my opinion at your place- i will take you at your word. i am a dove, howver, and don't comment much on the overtly pro-war stance you have taken. you can take that how you like. i am not a repub lite- i am a moderate democrat at this time. i never claimed to be anything different and your commenter picking apart every single word i type- is beneath me to defend. i don't write posts, as a general rule, in the comments section- especially on other's blogs. not only that, i have already gone over all of those arguements on my site at one time or another and i don't feel the need to rebut anymore on the same tired issues. my views and my stances on hot button issues are well known to anyone who frequents my site and i won't beat a dead horse. the major issue for me right now is getting my civil liberties back from people who's only goal is to keep a stranglehold on power. i don't think that the muslim terrorists are as big of a threat as these folks make them out to be and i feel that the american government is a bigger threat to americans than any middle eastern imam. i guess we will have to agree to disagree. feel free to stop here anytime. i do read your site but i don't always comment.

FreeCyprus said...


I enjoy your blog and the comments you post on my site. You actually make intelligent and informed comments and don't resort to name calling and juvenile behaviour.

You're right...some on my blog lean more to the right than I do and some on yours lean farther to the left than you do. We're both fighting for the same thing in the end of the day - individual liberty and freedom (we're just doing it on different fronts)

I respect and admire your intelligence and, although I may not always agree with what you have to say about certain issues, I would risk my life defending your right to say it.

Keep fighting the good fight and thanks for all your wise comments on my blog.


Human said...

Betmo - You got to get the popular Labels down. Right Wingers are Wingnuts Lefties are Moonbats.

Don't try to confuse the issue.
(for those that fail to get tit, the above is facetious.

Sen. Kerry's comments were spun by the Bush Regime and the MSM. Too bad Sen. Kerry caved. Just as he did during and after the selection of 2004.

I compromised for the 1st time in a National Election and held my nose. I campaigned and voted for Kerry.

In Jan. 2005 I registered Indy.
Screw Kerry. Just another weak kneed
Democrat. The best thing he could do is retire.


Anonymous said...

Here we go again. The media frenzy reminds me of a pack of hungry dogs who are thrown a tiny bone. I will ignore it.

QUASAR9 said...

Betmo politics is a dirty game. Even in normal situations people can twist misreprent or misinterpret your words, sometimes deliberately, sometimes maliciously, or sometimes in error.

But Kerry should have stuck to his guns at the last election

Once he faltered, and started trying to prove he is a military commander with a military service, then he's on a losing wicket.
Cheney, Rumsfeld and the Pentagon don't want a thinking President, who is going to give them orders, they want a President like Bush they can order about, in their best interest (dollars, pensions, medals, careers) there is NO PROFIT in Peace for the arms industry and no glory for the war machine. Truth, fact.

Millions demonstrated against Bush, Blair and the War on Iraq, millions on the streets of london, Paris, Berlin, Rome, NY and other major cities.
Kerry squandered the momentum, derailed the peace train, to jump on the bandwagon of "now we are there we need to finish the war"

That is how NAZIS justified their actions, and coerced the regular army and civilian population into supporting their invasion of checoslovaquia, Austria, Poland, Holland, France, and death on the Russian front.

For believe it or not, it is not the British & American (Allies) defeated the German war machine but the cold Russian winter and the russian armyon the russian front. Proof is the Russians reached Berlin first.

But who else have you got. Is there no one else in America who is prepared to stand on the Peace ticket, why do Democrats think they cannot win on a PEACE Ticket. If they don't think they can win for peace then their presidential candidate is not worth voting for any more than the Presidential candidate from any other party.

I mean you hardly expect the people in England who opposed the war, not from the beginning, but before it even started to vote for Blair. That is why the Labour Party and Blair know he has to go before the next general election. Not because he wouldn't love to win for the fourth time and go into history (for more than war) but because he knows he is a sure vote loser or liability for the Labour Party in England.

betmo said...

well, i agree but this is congressional midterms- so i am more likely at this point to vote dem simply to unseat the repubs. 2008- independent all the way- and i agree with bz and fred and quasar and everyone else who has advocated for third party. my only thing is- not this election. it would be handing the country to the repubs on a silver platter instead of making them work for it.

Anonymous said...

You know it is a bit ironic that what Kerry said was wrong but essentially true, it just isn't "politically correct" to say so. If he had worded it better instead of bafooned it... If he had said "the alternative, if you're poor, is to make money for college by joining the military and giving a limb or four years or your life to Iraq..." He just got "tied-tongued" and bungled the whole damned thing and the dogs jumped on it like rotting corpses and will ride this fetid carcas until the legs fall off of it! Bastards...

Anonymous said...

Let's get real for a moment. I don't see a damn problem with Kerry's statement as said, joke or not. After all, there aren't too many ivy leaguers signing up to go to Iraq. Ask any recruiter.
Hell, why apologize? As The Rude Pundit eloquently opines: Fuck Them . Just claim the mis-statement as his own. The privileged don't have any part in this war, other than their stock portfolios. It's pretty much the lower-educated, dis-advantaged people who are actually fighting.
And really, since when did anybody give a shit what Kerry says? Get over it already dittoheads, Bush says worse shit everyday.

Donnie McDaniel said...


In typical fashion of the right, you continue to miss the spelling of those things you don't agree with. It is "Betmo" and not "Bitmo" for the second time. Why does the right continue to mis-spell anything they do not agree with? Yet you want to be taken serious?

Sarah said...

It IS a non-issue, but guess which individuals are using it as an issue to exploit?