Wednesday, November 08, 2006

news and events

all around america, there were people talking about change. many folks wanted a change from the dismal economic news; the dismal iraq news; the dismal scandal news, and so on. many americans were dismayed to discover business as usual at the polls and with attempted dirty tricks from new york to oregon- sea to shining sea. and, in the end, what did we change? what did we accomplish? one side 'won' over the other temporarily and we, the people, still dislike each other based on ideology. the christian right are still going to try to ban gay marriage and the secular left is going to fight for a higher minimum wage. perhaps we dodged a bullet with this election or perhaps we have just postponed the inevitable. maybe, this is what it took to get we, the people, off of our couches and participating in our democratic republic. hopefully, we can set to prioritizing cleaning up our country. there is much work that remains to be done. we progressives cannot sit back anymore- and as tired as we may become- it is up to us to lead the way. so, no rest for the heathen- get back into the saddle and let's get back to work.


carbunclefrank said...

The message from the people is that it is time for change.
Extreme right or left leaners will always be there to push their agenda, but now, maybe, they wont have a majority to shove their doctrines down our throats.

betmo said...

yes- but they will unless we are more vigilant. case in point- all of the attempted voter fraud, threatening, bribing, etc that was caught this election. for every one that was caught probably ten more were successful. these people stop at nothing to get their way. the only reason they were stopped to any degree was unity and sheer numbers.

Human said...

"the only reason they were stopped to any degree was unity and sheer numbers." True. True. As is your Clarion call.

I just consider this the 1st check in a National Nightmare that began on a God Forsaken Day in Jan. 2001.


Human said...

btw - Still having to go to the Library to go online. mmmmm Libraries. Can you smell the Socialism?


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Human makes the point, I think. While I'm savoring this as much as anybody, imo, we shouldn't fall in love with the sound of our own singing. I'm not sure that was a vote for us and our policies, as much as it was a vote against status quo.

Our hopes and dreams lie in the hands of Nancy Pelosi now. All this work....and we win a turd for the grand prize..(: As you may discern, I'm not real optimistic about her so called "leadership."

Anonymous said...

The fight has just begun. Maybe now we can get our country back.

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Betmo Congrats!
Democrat Resurgence Time for Change
A majority in The House
and one to go for the Senate

A new course on Iraq
Rumsfeld just announced he's stepping down

Lily said...

Well I look at practical examples where these things really matter. For example, I am pro choice and I look at the fact that the Dakota law is being prepared as a test case to overthrow Roe v Wade. Or at the very least, make the choice issue a state matter, or change the way we view rights. I think that has consequences for thousands of people. DO I think that just changing the guard a bit will accomplish every thing I want in the world? Absolutely not. Not at all. But I subscribe to the "fight as much as you can, and realize small steps matter" approach.

I recycle. DO I think it will solve the problems of waste and pollution? No. But tis a small thing, and if we can impact the culture so that recycling is the norm-well, I think thats a small but important step.

We cant let all or nothing thinking make us cynical. This is a change in direction, people are speaking out. I am at least more optimistic than I was before.

What I said at one blog I posted at today was that we must keep this energy and momentum going. Keep people engaged, keep reminding them why we all need to be involved. Not just at election time.

Good to see you Betmo.

Lily said...

"tis a small thing"???? OH BETMO that was a typo!!! I wasnt trying to be awkwardly...Shakespearean!!! How weird! Oops!