Sunday, November 05, 2006

more reason to try and vote

thanks to sappho manifesto for putting this together rather vividly. i am starting to get ready to hunker down for a civil war.


Chuck said...

Trying to point out things like this has got me called lunatic fringe, conspiracy nut and a few other BS barbs. When the time comes (I hope it doesn't), and if there's any justice, maybe some of those bush lovers will find their fat asses on the business end of a bayonet while they're screaming, "but I love our emperor, I voted for him".

But seriously, when a person gets cornered and that reptilian "fight or flight" brain takes over and there's nowhere to run, what are you going to do?

I still have to think that there's enough good left in enough people out there that bush would have a hard time finding enough of them to haul their families and friends off to internment camps.

Occupation on our own soil by our own troops? I try not to think about it.

No said...

Thanks for all of your enthusiasm about getting out the vote, Betmo...I've caught the momentum, and I have actually posted someting controversial ..amazing...of course, what can you expect from a social agitator?

Anonymous said...

We got a preview of coming attractions down in New Orleans, didn't we?

God forbid these camps get put to use.

Chuck said...

AslakaBaby- PERFECT example. We should know by witnessing first-hand how that all unfolded!