Monday, November 06, 2006

just in case you are still undecided

here are some interesting tidbits to chew on before tomorrow's elections:

feds refusing to prosecute fbi cases regarding terrorism-

perhaps that is why bush may find it difficult to get anything done after the elections-

and it has started with candidates fleeing from the fold causing- rove angry over florida candidate's 'snub'

uh oh- cheney is going hunting tuesday- even though the iraq death tolls mount and the debt soars and the economy is tanking

that is no cause for pause for deadeye dick- screw the american people- they are going to stay the course and keep on keepin' on- just the same as usual.


Anonymous said...

B - dare we hope that things will not be keepin' on as before come Wednesday? Thanks for the interesting links and powerful words, which you do so well. Happy Wednesday! There, I said it.

Professor Zero said...

Thinking of you because I know you're on pins and needles, as I am!!! Yes, happy Wednesday anyway, however it goes. If the results are bad, we'll put up resistance.

Donnie McDaniel said...

Wednesday will be the start of a new rebirth in this country. But Cheney running around with a gun again, even I dare not to make a call on that one!

Professor Zero said...

P.S. My favorite Mardi Gras float of 2005 said "Dick Cheney Rifle Club - New Orleans". It was, of course, decorated in FEMA blue.

Also: have you seen this thing about martial law? Somewhat concerning.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

Thanks for those wonderful tips, b.

Of course, your tips are usually wonderful.

Yes friends and fellow bloggers...

Please go vote if you have not done so already.

If you want more Senate oversight to prevent the Supreme Court from lurching any further to the left--Go Vote.

If you want real investigations of what really happened so far in Iraq and why we really went there, Go Vote.

If you want a Congress that will actually investigate whether Bush should be tried for censure or impeachment, Go Vote.

If you want tax cuts and the minimum wage to be fair, then Go Vote.

I could go on and on, but this is not my blog (this one is way cooler than mine =) But just one more reason.

If you want exercise your right as a citizen of a free country to effect change on your government, then please, please, pretty please, Go Vote.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"Screw the people" seems to be their one goal in it this nation, Iraq, or anybody else.

Coffee Messiah said...

I have my doubts, but here's hoping a change will come and something tells these people they'll be held accountable for their "inactions!"
If Clinton got busted for sex, seems to me Bush can get busted for quite a bit more, yet, nothing ; (
Hopefully, tomorrow will be the start of something new.....