Friday, November 17, 2006

dying to be thin

brazil model who battled anorexia dies


pissed off patricia said...

Had a bout with it myself once long ago.

This story is so very sad

On a happier note, Have a great weekend!

FreeCyprus said...

You said on my blog:
"i think that there should be a trend here towards the middle. i think that folks here are tired of hard right and hard left politics- and the right suffered for this as they held the majority. centrists and moderates should govern. otherwise we see what we have been seeing in american politics for the past 30 years or so- nothing."

I just liked your comment so I wanted to thank you for it.


betmo said...

fc- you're welcome- and i mean it. i know i come off as angry and hostile sometimes but it is out of frustration. i don't always agree with the folks here at my blog- and i certainly don't agree with the hard righties at your place. perhaps i am optimistic in believing that the world would be a better place with more centrists involved and less lunatic fringe. thanks for coming by.

Glenda said...

Hi, betmo!!

So many young girls have this disorder. It is highly dangerous and is more often fatal than one might think.

Take care!!!

dawn said...

theres only one word Sad

Sarah said...

I did a post on this story. Too many of these young girls are risking their lives in order to follow a superficial career that only lasts a maximum of ten years.

Anonymous said...

Been there too. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

What's amazing to me is that this girl was looking in the mirror every day and finding fat. My dietetics teacher told us this semester that she once had an anorexic client who was very near death--the girl told her she would never be "happy" until the scale read "0". Astounding.

QUASAR9 said...

ok made a comment on blogger chewed it up -
so I'm not gonna repeat it.

Instead on a happier note
"Come over my place and make a wish"

Obob said...

As long as they are adored and employed, the trend will continue. Tragic and scary

Sewmouse said...

What is sad, is that Dove is trying to change this image thing -but it is still suppored by the gay designers of women's apparel, and the Dove campaigns are getting ridiculed by comedians and an awful lot of self-avowed Christian men.

I guess that if you don't look like an adolescent BOY, then you aren't sexually attractive to them.

I bought into the myth for a long time, but went the other way and got fatter in stubborn rejection.

Sarah said...

"I bought into the myth for a long time, but went the other way and got fatter in stubborn rejection."

: )

I love that line!

betmo said...

me too- on both counts :)

Sarah said...

I forgot to mention that a Uruguayan model also died of an anorexia-related illness in August. She collapsed and died from heart failure. She was living on diet Coke and lettuce because she was told by the fashion industry she would only succeed in her career if she dropped weight.

Many famous plus-size models are former victims of anorexia. They were smart enough to choose a new life over a certain death.