Friday, November 03, 2006

Amnesty International USA: Now You Know

while the info in this video is disheartening, so is the attitude of some of the americans


Anonymous said...

Absolutely astounding. Not only the content of the message, which in itself is beyond belief, but the attitude of those who think THEY are safe. Makes you want to shake people and say, "You fool. If they come for 'them', you're next."
They can kiss my ass. I ain't going.

DivaJood said...

In the film Shoah, a farmer who lived next to Auswitz was interviewed. He was asked "Didn't you care about what was happening to the people there?" His response: "If you cut your finger, do I bleed?"

It is not astonishing that a "mob" mentality takes over. What is astonishing is that there are people who are finally waking up.

msliberty said...

Wow. That woman at the end really impacted me. "There is just some stuff I don't want to know."

This is part of what's wrong with America right now. Too many people find it easier to just bury their heads in the sand.

betmo said...

burying your head in the sand doesn't mean that the government won't come and take you or your family away. it just means you won't be prepared

Chuck said...

Those people, like that last woman and the apathetic young man before her, represent a HUGE amount of our population- uninformed, uncaring and partially scared, but of what they're not sure. It's something I've been trying (in different ways) to point out for a very long time. This is the reason we find ourselves in the middle of a nightmare reminiscient of late 1930s Germany right now. Orwell's fiction is no longer.

And the neo-cons love this..."heads buried in the sand"- under the covers, up their own asses, whatever.

Great video betmo.

moonlitetwine said...


Are we speaking of the same religious right, that shows videos about late term abortions to early teenage girls?

Otherwise, my dialup will not let me see videos. Sounds like a good one.

But, it must be about WWII. I keep wondering about our current war and wonder how much we actaully know now.


Peacechick Mary said...

The neocons actually promote this attitude of indifference to others. They have this steamroller attitude of attaining power while running over as many bodies as they can. Really.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! Burying your head in the sad is rather simple when your hands are cuffed behind your back. It's pulling it out that becomes impossible in that position.

roman said...

Unless you're captured firing an AK47 at American troops in Afghanistan, what's the worry?
Guantanamo is exactly where they belong if they are enemy combatants. Let's not go sliding down that slippery slope where everyone at Guantanamo is a misunderstood innocent.

Freaky said...
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Sarah said...

"Guantanamo is exactly where they belong if they are enemy combatants."

According to who? A court of law? And you wonder why so many people are upset....

betmo said...

perhaps they should be presumed innocent until proven guilty- it is what america used to stand for.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

It is shocking, although the new pathetic excuse for a law has gotten some bad press lately from none other than former judges who heard terrorism and related cases!

Of course, I am sure they too will lose their gop certified patriot status and move into the activist judge column next to the judges who are out there fomenting healthy homosexual relationships.

We should all band together and start our own cable channel. We could call it the

"we-told-you-so-two-years-ago channel." Hey, it even rhymes--catchy.

It would be 24 hours of programming about bush policies and actions and their negative conequences, and then we could take turns saying "we told you so America" after each one.

we all know there is more than enough material for a 24 hour a day channel on the disaster aka bush.

Trailady said...
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Trailady said...

I'm absolutely against any form of human torture. Incarceration is acceptable to me as long as the detainees are being held legally and treated ethically.
I'm not happy that these foreign prisoners/enemy combatants are not being treated ethically.

I don't believe every man at Gitmo is an innocent victim, anymore than I believe every prisoner in the US jails are innocent.
The US didn't just go round up dark-skinned people in marketplaces just so they could have prisoners to torment. Nor do I believe that every single arab prisoner at Gitmo or anywhere else has been tortured.

However, to hold someone long term without just cause and without due process is WRONG! Forced confessions are unethical- no matter what the circumstances.

Reminds me of the witch-hunts of long ago where they basically said, "Lady, if you won't admit you're a witch, we'll torture you until you decide it's better to make a false claim and burn at the stake than be held and tormented like this". Ridiculous!

I once saw a mother who had a crying toddler. She would slap him saying, "Stop fussing!" which only made him cry harder. Who was in the wrong?

To think that any military always operates honestly and above board is fantasy at best.

Rest assured, if Americans tolerate injustice to foreigners, it will not be long before we ourselves experience the same injustices here at home...