Tuesday, October 03, 2006


there is a whole lotta 'flip flopping' going on in repub controlled washington these days. one might think that we were in a fish market with the amount of flop flopping and not standing firm and cutting and running. why sweet condi rice "can't recall" having pre 9/11 meetings and she can't remember seeing the comprehensive strategy that the clinton admin left to her after bush took office. boehner told one story about knowing about foley's pedophilia and speaking to denny hastert about it then decided that was too much like telling the truth so he made something else up-- only to flip flop back to his original story. there are lies and half truths flying all over the place as the "party of morality and family values" tries to get its shit together in time for elections. guess they will have to rely on the rigged voting machines, funding third parties against the dems, and outright voter fraud in order to win since lying and smearing opponents doesn't seem to be working this go around. gee karl- you're losing your edge these days. could be you just don't have good material to work with this time.

update- don't worry condi- the state department has your agenda apparently, the information got lost because there was just so much of it. so, tell us why again you all didn't act on that much information?

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