Tuesday, October 03, 2006

weeping jesus on the cross

just when i thought that i was done writing about republican scumbags- karena at karena's blog gave me more ammo. i am beginning to think that pedophilia is a pre-requisite to belonging to the republican party. apparently, so is lying and covering up. huh- who would have thought that the morals and family values party was so hypocritical?

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Chuck said...

Yep. saw that one a couple of days ago. I'll bey you that its more widespread than we can imagine. There's probably a few of them deleting e-mails, swearing kids and cohorts to secrecy, beating on hard drives with hammers and shittin' bricks right now.

But we all know who the right wing blind followers are listening to right now- Rush Limbaugh- "Its the kids' fault".