Wednesday, October 25, 2006

the view from my window

i think i have written about the bush that has scarlett leaves that i can see from my window. it is a big picture window and it isn't very practical but it came with the apartment- so i enjoy it. i stand sometimes in front of that window with my morning cuppa and think while the fat cat sits on the window sill and watches the autumn leaves blow down the inevitably wet street. what have i been thinking about lately? well, i have tried not to think at all- but i have. my original idea was to think up a good plan to try and get folks to work together and get the country back on track. recently, however, i have been thinking- why the hell bother? why the change of heart? i am fed up with the human race and americans, in particular. yes, i suppose i could kill myself to appease the right- but my sense of responsibility to care for my ailing mother precludes that- so don't get your hopes up. i just feel that we, as a country- and as part of the western world, are spoiled and distasteful as people. now- i realize that there is a small percentage of exceptions but taking a look at the overall picture- we are selfish, stupid, lazy, self absorbed people who feel that the best and easiest way to deal with a problem is to throw money at it. hence, the outpouring of giving after the tsunami and various natural catastrophes recently.

anyhoo- my thought was not to assault you with my bad humor- my thought was to tell you that i am through being conciliatory and i am through being nice. i am not into sparing feelings or trying to extend an olive branch and if that is offensive than so be it. if you are a right leaner who is a moderate and don't continuously spew bullshit rhetoric or imply that i have nothing good to say because i am left of wherever you are- then welcome. i am still in the middle on most issues and to the left on others. i am never right of center- so you are wasting your rhetoric on me. i still feel that center based moderates should be in charge but i will do whatever it takes to get the hard right christian-fascists out of office right now. they have done absolutely no good for this country nor the world and will continue to erode and eliminate freedoms in this country and abroad if left unchecked. there has been absolutely no accountability since bush/cheney took office and no sane person left of right should have allowed it to happen. christians who believe that it should be there way and their way only should absolutely have no place in politics nor should hawkish neocons or dinos. moderates and centrists and people with actual integrity should be holding public office and we, the people, need to get off of our spoiled, lazy asses and do our job as well. democracy cannot exist without involvement and participation from the people. otherwise, what the hell is the point? if i am in the minority, then i will put up and shut up. in the meantime, if you sit on the right of me- then you need to decide- are these the people who truly represent me? if not- take your fucking party back. if you are left of me, you need to decide- are these people i want to have taking over from the assholes who are going to be vacating in a couple of weeks? if not, you need to take your party back. we need to have leaders people- not career politicians. we need reform and if we are not willing to put a bit of effort into our country to save our constitution- then we deserve the government we get.


Time said...

I know it takes more than just my vote to truly make a change, but I always vote.

Ever since the 1960's I have had the same position on politics, that you just expressed in this post.

I have had to learn to live with the idea that the majority of my fellow citizens want a government led by an ideology that I cannot accept.

I blame the public. They voted for Richard Nixon twice, they voted for Ronald Regean twice, they voted for George Bush twice.

We get the leaders we deserve (vote for). I can't count how many times I've said that; and each time, I feel sad that my fellow citizens could fall for voting for such leaders.

I feel guilty that I have given up. Oh, I vote every two years and sometimes write political opinions on my blog, but I know I should do more.

It's a never ending battle with little to show for my scars. I would have expected more of a change after the protests, beatings by police, proof of political leaders crimes and lies, and espically since my generation (that lived through all of that) is now running the power of politics in this country.

This generation has become worse than our parents or grandparents generations. This generation is more greedy than any in the History of the U.S.

There's more money than ever before in this country, yet charitable giving is down. The Republicans are in power because they promised not to raise taxes. Fine, but how do we pay for our society?

Their politics is all about protecting their money. They would allow all sorts of government programs developed over a hundred years (for good reasons) that make America great (as they claim we are the greatest country on Earth) to be destroyed within one generation, my generation.

Why? Because they fall for the easy path pronounced by the politicians of their generation; that we don't have to pay for our government. There's no sacrifice needed to leave a healthy nation to our children and grandchildren. A 10 Trillion dollar debt is OK.

This is a capitalistic society. We get the society we pay for. Now that we have had years of easy demands on us as a people, we must face those decisions, as it is all falling apart because of financial neglect.

It is the fault of the conservative movement that decided that sending money to Washington D.C., was a waste, and convinced the public that it had to stop. An outright action to topple our government.

Not once trying to stop the corruption of government, just stop feeding it money.

Does Social Security serve the public poorly? No. Should we end that program because of fraud and abuse, or should we end the fraud and abuse?

If the politicians had not been allowed to spend Social Security money on other things, there would be enough money for Seniors to live better than at poverty levels.

Should we end the Defense Department because of fraud and abuse? There's more fraud and abuse in that dept. than all our social programs put together.

The hypocrites of the right have made us a country of hypocrites. We claim to be family first, life above all, morallity is our priority.

Yet led by so called Christians we are excluding all sorts of minority views because they are immoral people. Our government in going bankrupt and we are leaving the weakest of our society to fend for themselves.

I could go on, but I'm sure I lost all your readers by now. Thanks for letting me rant.

Peacechick Mary said...

I think we are suffering from exposure to the truth. We always thought that this country was the super power and could do no wrong. We are not super people. We are just citizens of the planet earth like everyone else. I can only live my life. No politician can live it for me. No politician can determine my integrity. I do.

Mary said...

Right on Peacechick! I agree. I can only be responsible for me and my actions. Trying to control others is like banging your head against a wall.

betmo said...

very true marys but i can't control myself if the government controls me. that is why i feel frustrated. for all of the reasons that time stated- and more. i know that the level of involvement is my choice or not- but isn't that what we are seeing? a few fighting for everyone? my thought is--why bother? if there are oh roughly 75 blogs that link here- and each host is fighting for the 20 million other people who can't or won't be bothered- what is the point? there is no personal responsibility.

and time- i probably already have lost readers. that's ok- you rant on. i manage to piss enough folks off that those who leave are like raindrops. the truth does that sometimes.

carbunclefrank said...

Hi Betmo
Dont know about the others but I read your blog to get a real dose of reality. We, the people, live in Utopia and as long as we can play and shop and buy what we want we dont really care who is in charge. I agree with you that there are exceptions like yourself but a majority are as I described above.

Hold on to your beliefs and your integrity. You arent a lone voice crying in the wilderness. Change will always does sooner or later. I believe we are on the threshold of a new era where the next generation (the babyboomers) will take over from us older generation types and move the country in a new direction. All the past presidents have been from my era. Born in the 40's. The next president will definitely be from the boomer's era. Hang in there girl.

Professor Zero said...

You're quite right: being too conciliatory, and too nice, is disabling. I'd rather see you slightly crabby, than see you give up !!!!

Anonymous said...

Betmo, I am glad I waited to comment on yur provocative and excellent post, because it was fun to read all your supporters' thoughts. My "mad at" list also included irresponsible and lazy journalists, from whom our blinded citizenry gets their news. Blog on, B.!