Wednesday, October 04, 2006

thanks to dusty

over at it's my right to be left of center for pointing out yet more proof that cheney and rumsfeld are not only running the show- but orchestrated the recent legislation that passed in the rethug, do nothing congress. from the new york times


catnapping said...

Well. Bush and his puppetmasters have been aiding and abetting a sexual predator. Hastert's known for a year that Foley was raping little boys...yet he chose not to notify the authorities.

And now Bush claims he supports Hastert.

if p then q...if q then r...
...if p then r.

Bush supports Hastert's decision to let a sexual predator run amok. surprise, there.

earl bockenfeld said...

All/most of the reports about Bush is that he is lazy, not the least bit curious, and not engaged or knowledgeable. That doesn't seem to be the brains behind a right-wing facist take-over of the government and the shredding of our constitution.

On the other hand the scumbag Cheney seems like the logical traitor.

betmo said...

cheney, rumsfeld and wolfowitz. trust me- i researched it. bush is so far out of the loop that laura can't even reach him.

dusty said...

Bush sits and plays with his tinker toys all day..I can't say as I blame must get boring not having anything to do since Rummy and Cheney run the whole show..And Yes Wolfie is part of that cadre of bastards too Betmo.