Wednesday, October 04, 2006

score one for the good guys!!

anyone who has been around here for any length of time knows how i feel about rick 'i sleep with my dead child' santorum. he is a top dog in the senate for his alleged family values and morals blah blah blah. so it should come as no surprise that he backed a third party candidate in order to try and siphon votes from his democrat opponent bob casey. now casey is a bit right leaning for a dem but anything has to be better than santorum- so it is with much glee that i write that the pennsylvania supreme court has denied the 'green' party candidate- romanelli- the ballot. guess santorum will have to stick to his smear campaign and negative ads to try and win.


Anonymous said...

Santorum creeps me out. He gives me the shivers, and not the good kind, either. He is the absolute master at the negative campaign thing. And what's up with that mummifying fetus he keeps in a jar? Tell me that's not your worst nightmare...from hell. Evil. Evil. Evil. I hope he goes down, screaming and crying like a baby, when he LOSES.

Lily said...

Yeah, I forget now where I have talked about this but Ive been harping on this alot. I am in PA, putting energy toward Casey's campaign. I think we all know he HAS to go. Ive been raging against Santorum for quite a while. (people that know me know this too, and now I see we have something else in common!!!)

When reports started hitting me that Satorums people were giving money to the green party, it did not surprise me one bit. Casey is a bit of a "lesser of two evils" candidate in many liberal circles. And he is not exactly pushing progressive concerns. BUT on that, I think people wanted someone they thought could beat him.

Anonymous said...

Two words....

...woo hoo!!!!! or is woo hoo one word :P

Anonymous said...

I think you are all missing the point. If we want true change in this country we MUST back third party candidates that push progressive agendas, if not we are just playing into the system that pulls the team A player and inserts the B guy, when thing get tough. We can not allow the government of the US be run by one part with two faces. Unless there is a Dem out there who is for the things we want, we should not support them NO MATTER WHAT. This lesser of evilism is what has gotten us to this point.

I really got into this when I was promoting Nader a few years ago. The DEMS represent big business interests not yours. So why give them your support. THEY WILL NOT SAVE US! When will we learn that? They are not an opposition party. They are simply republican lights.

Look at the pattern in American politics: A Republican comes in and makes a grab for ruling class interests. Then when the people get angry enough to do something about it, the ruling class sends in a Dem to assuage the masses and keep them from open result.

Eisenhower to Kenndey
Nixon to Carter
Reagan/Bush I to Clinton
Now Bush to ?
(Ford and Johnston were space killers)

But we can’t allow the Dems to calm us down this time. They are becoming more and more Republican. Clinton is called the best republican president ever. We must support thrid party candidates at all levels of government. Imagine if we had afew greens in the Senate repeatedly saying that he war in Iraq is wrong, the Dems don't seem to be doing that. We need people to be making noise on a national level.

We must stick to our progressive ideals if we want to see them come about. So no matter how bad Santorium is, and he is the worst, we must continue to fight for what we believe in not what we fear.

betmo said...

i completely agree bz- but i question the 'sincerity' and progressiveness from a third party candidate that takes money from the likes of santorum. maybe it's wrong- but i want to wrest the power out of the hands of the repubs. the dems are much easier to take out.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, b. Sorry again that I have not been around, but I have had a lot of projects again.

I agree with what you said about the funding issue. Any "true" green would not take a dime from someone like Santorum.

He is a homophobe, and yes, creepy, and basically just a jerk.

While I do wish we had more than just two choices, I think independent candidates need to start on the local level.

National races, epecially the presidency, are just too important to experiment with independents right now. If the Dems do not win in 2008, we are screwed. The Supreme Court could turn into the Supreme Religious Conservative Court and all that so many have worked so hard for over the last 50 years could vanish.

Also, remember 2000? BZ mentions it. What if Gore had won Florida in 2000? What if 9/11 did not happen? A more likely what if--Gore was president in 2003 and we did not invade Iraq. Think of all the families who would still have their loved ones living and breathing--both here and in Iraq.

I hope there will be a time to experiment with third parties on a national level, but that time is not now. There is just too much at stake during the next two elections.