Tuesday, October 10, 2006

keeping the focus

this just in from repub strategy hq- limbaugh central- words are power.  huh.  no kidding.  apparently, the right wing strategy is to spin words to confuse the left.  huh.  they are changing their way of campaigning to optimistic, feel good words in order to confuse and divert attention.  huh.  sounds like more of the same old same old.  another tactic is to ask the left what their plans are should they win.  my thought is- why do you want to know what my plan is- aren't you supposed to be implementing your own as the party in power right now?  so- the successful tactics of the last few elections are going to be put back into the playbook- 1)take the opponent's strengths and assets and make them liabilities ie. kerry; 2)spin words to confuse and divert issues ie. foley while iraq and civil liberties burn; 3)target the opponent's plan or lack of- in order to smokescreen the fact that you don't have one. 

well, no one said that the repubs were original thinkers.  we need to keep focused on the real issues- civil liberties, torture debate, real safety and security in this country, economy, and so on.  don't fall for the smokescreen issues.

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Professor Zero said...

Something which amazes me about their tactics, largely diversionary, is how similar they are to the tactics of blog trolls! It is as though all of these people had been to some training camp together, on techniques of obfuscation ... manipulation ... etc.
And, when these things don't work, they seem to step it up to straight out abuse!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

another tactic is to ask the left what their plans are
"The best defense is a good offense." This is what I screamed about earlier. The sad fact is, we don't have a cohesive plan, because our leaders are somewhere playing with themselves!! "We'll think of it when we get there" isn't going to get us there.

Professor Zero: welcome to the wonderful world of evangelical "christans." They were such fun to grow up with...(:

betmo said...

all i know is- that rove had 'bloggers' out there awhile back. he was pleased as punch that there were so many right wing bloggers out there. well- my thought is that those were the trolls. many of the fine upstanding folks i used to read don't post much if anything on their blogs and they have been strangely silent these days. i looked at the top 30 blogs on technorati- huffpo was 5 and crooks and liars was like 7. each had about 14,000 or so blogs linked to them. malkin and lgf were the only 2 in the top - with about half as many links. malkin was like 14 and lgf was closer to 20. i would keep a low profile too if i was them. hard to keep interested when you don't get your memo and you might have to post original thoughts.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

You are so right. We must stay focused on the issues.

You are also right about it being the same old strategy-remembering the "oh things in Iraq are just fine....." mantra from 2004?

I hope that enough voters see through this. No matter what Bush in the GOP said in 04, they won many of their races by a slim margin--NOT at all a mandate. So what I am getting at, is it will not take a huge number of voters coming over to the good side of the force-ours =) for us to regain control. Hope you like the Star Wars reference.