Friday, October 20, 2006

join a grassroots movement

we have all heard of and and we have heard the difference that these organizations are making on the progressive front- from tackling voter machine fraud to keeping our medium- the internet- free and open from governmental and corporate control. this comment was left recently on the journey- and i don't want to put anyone on the spot- but i feel that it is apropos and it really rang true to me:

" The hope is in the streets. A strong antiwar movement is the best hope, for maintaining freedoms."

the peace train is a group of folks dedicated to working for peace and other 'social reforms' through sharing information and actual grassroots involvement in our communities. if you have trouble getting into the peace train (due to site security not all urls are recognized) let me know and i will try and hook you up with folks who know how to fix the problem. take a ride on the peace train and let's keep our progressive momentum going. lord knows with the current political climate, folks all over the country are hungry for some good news for a change.


jams o donnell said...

Looks like a good site. Quite interesting indeed

Bill Levinson said... is not a good site or a good organization. Its record of welcoming anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic, and racist hate speech at its Action Forum (you can verify this by a Google search on "" and "anti-Semitism" for example) is quite interesting. has NOTHING to do with anything that real Democrats recognize as their party or their beliefs.

betmo said...

well- i took your advice and googled a few sites and it looked like to me that the 'anti semitism' seemed to come from many dems not supporting israel's invasion of lebanon. many of the sites that were proclaiming that was anti-semitic were right leaning- but i certainly didn't go through every single one of the thousands of hits. no- i don't think that any 'real' democrats would subscribe to anti-semitism, anti-catholic or any racist hate speech. i certainly don't tolerate it here. it also looked like they have attempted to moderate their forum more closely. i certainly make no bones about being anti organized religion here on my site. if that is taken to be anything more than it is- then so be it. i thinks of myself as an independent anyway. moveon has been a target of the right wing because of their work in keeping voting machines fair in many states. i wouldn't put it past the right to spread lies and propaganda about any organization that size that mobilizes that many people. if the organization is truly as racist and prejudiced as many say it is- then it should be dealt with. until then, innocent until proven guilty for now.

Bill Levinson said...

"i wouldn't put it past the right to spread lies and propaganda about any organization that size that mobilizes that many people. if the organization is truly as racist and prejudiced as many say it is- then it should be dealt with. until then, innocent until proven guilty for now." accused right-wing operatives of planting the material on its site. The problem is that it is well documented that MoveOn was exercising editorial control over the forum (by deleting material with which it did not agree) but chose to let the hate speech stand.

I never classed opposition to Israel's policies as anti-Semitic. The hate speech consisted of outright attacks on Jews and, to a lesser degree, Blacks and Catholics. An actual blood libel said that the Jewish Talmud commands Jews to slaughter non-Jews. That is no longer a mere criticism of Israeli policy but a false accusation against all Jews, of the kind that the Nazis used to perpetrate genocide.

Meanwhile, the reprehensible actions of a few Catholic priests was translated into "The Catholics are raping your children." Not just a few wrongdoers, but all Catholics.

Another posting, with which ten out of thirteen Action Forum participants agreed, said that Black soldiers should be disarmed and segregated as potential mutineers.

glenda said...

betmo, thanks for posting this!

Please come. Read. Meet our community. Comment. Post your own topic in the Forums!!
and for troubleshooting, contact
We are a community of diverse people from across the country and several foreign countries. We welcome diversity.
We have both Jewish and muslim members (and other religious members), but we try to encourage respect and civility, without censoring others' ability to express their opinion.
Glenda at

citizen shelly said...

I like their website a lot. Great idea, more intimate than a giant group like too. I'm not happy with for a lot of reasons anyway.
Thanks for getting this out there.

betmo said...

my original intent was to highlight the peace train. i guess my post got derailed by whether you like or not- please check out the peace train.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

With our election process pretty much unreliable, our ONLY hope lies in the steets. And if we ever get some lazy asses out there, it's not going to be pretty.

Jump to the Left said...

I don't believe it is antisemitic to object to the military targeting of civilians.

Betblue, I'm loving the peacetrain. Thanks!

Jump to the Left said...

Oops, I meant betmo. Getting my bloggers mixed up!

Anonymous said...

hey! thanks betmo! i'm gonna try out the site.


Anonymous said...

Whoa! just read comments here.


What's that word?

flashback. what a flashback!


As one former communist put it...communist, as in 'lived in Soviet Bloc' communist..."money corrupts."

buying into the theory for a minute, the warning is always:

consider the source.

Thank you - Thank you.

I say, "Consider the source. Don't forget, that the good journalist or investigater will always back up her source whenever possible. If the source cannot be backed up, well, then, reveal it as merely an unsubstantiated source."

Happy hunting!

Anonymous said...

Stand near me fiery dragon,
Stand close by my side,
Witness the oncoming weight.
Fiery dragon come to devour harmony,
Echoing death in your folds,
Shrieking sorrow aloft,
It is time.

Can you sense it?

There! On the horizon!
See her lights rising over the mountains?
Stand near me!
Read her manifesto!

Mother Theresa,
Fuller, Nader,
Rosa, Whitman,
Maathai, Sakharov,
Lama and Black Elk!

It is time for you to witness,
Still in your endeavor of war,
Stilled of thy bloody lips fresh kill.
Hold still thy grotesque talons!
Quiet now!

Coretta and Martin,
Naser, Lennon,
Malcom X and Santana!

Hear the distant whistle?
Heed the rumbling ground?

John and Jackie,
Mutombo, Baez, Muller,
Hutchins, Neruda and Banks!

Can you not hear her thunder?
Her prayerful toll?
No! Tis not clanging death
You miscreant of fraud!

Indira and Mahatma,
Tolstoy, Gelder Bono,
Bono and Tutu,
Einstein, Nobel and Rabin!

Tis but a train;
A full on synthesis of dreams
En route thy despondent armor,
Transporting the old and new;
A collection of travelers,
Passengers in quest of the truth;

Rosalynn and Jimmy,
Dylan, Kravitz, Ul Haq
Gibran and Maya Angelou!

On the horizon!
Heed The Peace Train!

Eleanor and Franklin,
Buddha, Zerbo,
Emerson and Earhart!

Stand near me, fiery beast!
Center track,
Witness the oncoming weight
Of peace!

Copyright © 2006 mrp / thepoetryman

earl bockenfeld said...

Thanks betmo for the mention and the link for peacetrain. I want to give you credit that after your posts about the end of habeas corpus, I was inspired to write a post for tomorrow about posse comitatus and other warning signs of a possible looming BushCo national state of emergency declaration.