Monday, October 02, 2006

excellent idea

In the Details: Don't trust vunerable Diebold voting machines, use absentee ballots

i had not thought of this- but it is a good idea. my neck of the woods still uses the old fashioned voting machines but over 10% of the country has these diabolical diebolds.


glenda said...

Hey, thanks for the IM...made my day.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

As a voluntary polls worker of some years, I would caution against putting too much faith in absentee ballots. Not because they can be tampered with, but because, in most states, they are put in a box and shoved in a back corner, to be counted after the polls have closed, often days later. They are definitely more accurate than the Diebolds; the question becomes how much care goes into their handling and temporary storage. And the answer is usually very little. AB's are prone to simply getting lost, mutilated, a number of things. And who's to say they weren't all counted?

Human said...

What the Future said is true.
Also in most places, there is a requirement of being absent. Which if proven false later is a crime.

Some places though count absentee 1st.

Where I vote, it is by paper and because it is rural the poll workers know each other. It's held in a neighbor's garage, a two minute walk away. They grew up together. My neighbor next door who is in her eighties is one of the poll watchers. For the Dems. We are good friends. She lost her husband and brother in WWII.

Those type of people(including the Repub ones) I trust. E-voting machines I do not.

I remember an article that appeared before the last National election. It said that there was a shortage of
Poll workers.

Every where I voted, not one Poll worker was what anyone could consider young. We need to step up and replace them.

After this election I will. Another good reason to, is because by the time of the next election here, we will have the e-voting machines.

betmo - Roundearther replied to you under my What went wrong?


Carol Gee said...

Given the two marginal choices, I'd still say vote absentee, because of the documentation it offers. Otherwise you have nothing. I second the idea of volunteering to work the polls. It is interesting and fun. I would also encourage people to join the League of Women Voters, who also accept men.

dusty said...

Our vote counting was such a mess here, and the Diebolds didn't work at over half our polling I have no idea which way to vote at this point..

Human said...

"Every where I voted"...
he he. What I should have said is "every where I have voted, which has been in 3 different states....."

Busted me up when I read it. 'Course I'm simple.