Sunday, October 01, 2006

can somone explain to me

why 10,000 or more fema trailers sat empty for over a year? can someone explain to me why fema has a regulation that they can't put said trailers in a flood plain- thus not being able to use them in the entire gulf coast region? can someone give me the definition of fema- because i thought it was an organization that was supposed to help folks in an emergency. i am not advocating setting up a trailer in the flood waters- but i think i wouldn't mind my tax dollars being risked by actually using the trailers. if they got ruined in a flood or whatever that would be better than rotting apart on a tarmack in an airfield.

don't get me wrong- if the trailers are indeed going to help the indian folks- i am all for it. unfortunately, the abramoff scandal has jaded me and i hope that the indian folks aren't again being used by this government.


Chuck said...

I featured your blog along with some others today.

carbunclefrank said...

I would venture to guess that if you researched where the trailers came from or where they were built you would come up with a business that contributed to a pac or directly to the politicians responsible for acquiring the trailers. as far as the trailers actually being used; they are for show only. The government did not allocate the funds to distribute them, maintain them, or man them....just build them so they can say "See, we have trailers for emergencies." FEMA is just another bureaucratic department that gives government jobs to cronies of politicians for campaign contributions. The people down the ladder who actually have to do manual work for fema can tell you that. Make your voice heard in November. Right now, it is most important to get out the vote. Quantity will equal change.