Monday, October 02, 2006

ahh- the christian family values party

"hard at work" certainly takes on an entirely new meaning. thanks chuck for some fine investigative work

also, another take from the gaelic starover

my thought is- we need to take this and run. we need to keep the word out there that this is the same party who impeached a sitting president for having oral sex with a consenting adult that did not happen to be his spouse. this is the party that pledged to bring morality and dignity back to government. these are the same folks who are out there at podiums talking about christian values and family values. i think that we need to paint the hypocrisy picture. spell it out for the duhs out there who vote republican. obviously, they aren't getting it on their own. if they are- then they are just accessories to the crime.


Anonymous said...

The party of "Conservative Compassion" will tolerate murder, corruption, thievery, lies upon lies, but having their "good" repuke elected officials having GAY SEX with a CHILD is a huge no-no, even for those nuts. You are right, we must stretch this out. They gave us a gift. I suppose we should thank them.

charlie said...

I'm sure there are Christian values to fit every occasion, betmo, if you are a politician.

Lily said...

I agree that we need to stay on the hypocrisy...but sadly nothing seems to come of it, Betmo! Look at how many things have been so much worse than lewinsky, look what we spent as taxpoayers on all that!

And yet this administration just cruises through plamegate, torture, scores of things that make Lewinsky pale in comparison.

I wish I knew how to crank up the outrage!

I read Chuck's post as well- he's very thorough.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Log Cabin pedophiles. Compassionate Conservatism, Morals, Christian values, you name it - they're all nothing more than an umbrella under which the dirty work is done, and it works, because people take them at face value.

Me said...

Hypocritical Christians. My favorite group of people. They are an interesting bunch aren't they? Well, you know the old saying - what goes around comes around - their 'self righteous' and moralistic judgements have come to squat at their feet. Interesting too me is that a party that so despises gays has so many in its midsts. I think the really chilling thing about Foley - was that he was on the committee about this very subject matter --- and I think that was a very calculated move on his part. Whenever rumors swirled (and I'm sure they did) people would say "Not Mark Foley! He's such a staunch advocate against pedophiles" Makes it even creepier when you think of it that way.