Tuesday, September 05, 2006

please take a moment...

and email your senators. most have email addresses and it only takes a moment. you can pick any issue you want- take the time. my email of the day was about net neutrality. i am pleased to say that shumer and clinton both support net neutrality so i emailed to say thank you. do it today! the link is the first one on the right over there.


Anonymous said...

I'm doing some research on inbox overload at work, and it turns out that many elected officials receive about 5,000 emails a day.

Maybe email isn't the best way to get a hold of them. I suggest leaving a voice mail with a quick and to-the-point summary of your position, along with maybe an address to a web source with supporting documentation - that might be more effective. I'm sure that elected officials receive far fewer voice mails than emails, so you're more likely to be heard.

billie said...

good idea. i am not naive enough to think that they even see many of the emails that they receive anyway. i just figure that enough emails in a particular slot might get attention. shumer and clinton have topics to pick for the nature of your email. calling is always a more personal way to get in touch and following up with mail and email is good too.

Mary said...

I received a letter in the mail today in response to an email to Gilchrest. It wasn't the response I wanted but at least I know where he stands. So somebody's looking at them.

Human said...

betmo - Yes indeed stroking is just as important as complaining.

To all -
All e-mails and other comm by constituents(hope i spelled that right) is reviewd. Not by the Rep, but by staff. A form letter usually follows. Most Reps feel they have an obligation to respond and there is a budget for it.

I have found that faxing is the most pointed way. Phone calls are noted. However it is good to talk to a staff member. Sometimes the conversations get really interesting.

On some issues that are really important to me I do all 3, call, e-mail and fax. I also call the local offices. This is when you may have an impact with the person on the phone and get a longer conversation.

If you want to comm w/a Rep who is not your Rep there are ways to do it by e-mail. Just put one of the local offices zip in to send it. The system will not accept non constituent e-mails. That is not budgeted for. You can also fax.
Calls from non-constituents are ignored, even if they seem to be polite.

Another way to contact a Rep that is not yours is to find out what Commitee or sub-Commitee that person is on.

As everything goes through Commitee, if an issue is important to you, then one should send your thoughts to the Commitee Chairs and maybe all the members of such. Even if they are not your Party. If your profession is related to the matter before the Commitee then all the better for impact. Many letters are read in session from people who are directly affected by the matter at hand.

Even though I think we have a Secret Goverenment who really runs things, it is good and right to keep swinging any way you can.


Spadoman said...

I write them. Old fashioned letters on paper. I always get an answer stating their position on the subject. It's easy for me. I have Russ Feingold as a Senator. The other one, HerbKohl is Ok too, but not as aggresive as Feingold. He still votes my way most of the time.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

I do it all the time, but unfortunately I am stuck in gop hell.