Monday, September 11, 2006

in memoriam...

for the america that once was- and for the americans who have died as the result of terrorist acts- foreign and domestic. may we one day be the united states of america again.

thanks for the flag- chuck


enigma4ever said...

amen ....dear Betmo...amen.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

Yes, a wonderful thought and an even better goal to strive for.

Let's all remember those who lost their lives five years ago and be thankful that we are still here.

Call a friend, or call your mother. I think I will do both.

dusty said...

Lets also remember the heros that worked at ground zero without a thought of their own safety and who now suffer from a host of respiratory illnesses.

No said...

A moment of silence is good.

carbunclefrank said...

Sometimes important thoughts get lost in our cluttered minds. Thanx for the brain tweak. I will remember someone special today because of you.

dawn said...

dearest betmo,
I can't even say anymore I left a post on NO's blog if your interested. I just hope the rest of the day is peaceful

Frederick said...


QUASAR9 said...

Reality check
3,000 people die
in England every day
15,000 people die
in the US every day

jams o donnell said...

It was an awful day with awful consequences Betmo. A terruble day indeed

_H_ said...

My sympathy to everyone affected by this tragic day.


charlie said...

Sympathy to America and to the human race from Glasgow

BZ said...

I think the idea of a “United” States has always been a false one. Even if we look past the blue state/red state dichotomy and the sharp divisions in ideology that they represent, we can see that the USA is divided in so many other ways: racially, by class, urban vs rural etc… I feel all these divisions lead to some of the political impasse we face as a nation.

I often fantasize that we could take the progressive people living in SF, NYC, the pacific North West and wherever else people are flying their freak flags, and we could have our own nation. We would take care of the environment, legalize drugs, legalize homosexual married, teach evolution, create lasting peace, break down the military, take care of educating our kids, and giving health care to all out citizens. Our nation would set out to create the nation the US was meant to be!

Till then we will be divided and forced to live with, work with and be ruled by a backward, religious fundamentalist group of psychos hell bent on ruined our land, brainwashing our kids and selling us shit we neither need nor want.

Wow that was fun! Thanks betmo. Great flag chuck!

Chuck said...

Nicely done everyone. :)

Clampett said...

QUASAR9, that's b/c the American population is proportionally larger.

All, WTF!?!?!

I'm shocked by y'alls willingness to look back on a glorious past that never existed.

The America that once was included Slavery, the threat of indian attacks, Wars with casulty rates above 10,000 per war and utter poverty relative to what we have now.

America has given a better way of life to more people than any nation ever, save the european and canadian nations whose stability rests on American military protection.

(For example, Western Europe would have certianly been overrun by Stalin without the American military and her A-bombs and canada is able to place funding into her laudable social services b/c the American Military has taken over the Job of protecting canada, hence they don't spend much on defense)

Clampett said...

btw, the flag is great and I second the 1st paragraph of B2's comment.

G_in_AL said...
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G_in_AL said...

Reality check
3,000 people die
in England every day
15,000 people die
in the US every day

Most of those people die from causes of their own making, freak accidents, or from old age after a long healthy life... not from sudden impacts and collapsing buildings that kill 3k at once. Reality check for sure.

Under your plan, you'd have no economy, be overgrown with weeds, living like the ancient native Americans, but soon be conquered for any natural resource that you may possess, even if you didn’t plan on exploiting it.

And, you'd be a country of under/no achievers as everyone is whacked out on drugs, your birth rate would steadily decline due to lack of heterosexual relationships and the "nuclear" family unit would cease to exist, so it'd be a nice sturdy society like Iceland.

Your nation wouldn’t survive 20 years, so you'd never get to be this Utopia you seem to think of... and btw, exactly what was the US supposed to be? Where was the turning point? Was it the War if Independence, Civil War, Mexican American War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Iran Contra, Iraq War I, Afghan War, Iraq War II, or was it no war at all? All of those, every last one of them required the military you seem so eager to dismantle... and without it, the Nation wouldn’t exist as it is today.

So please, enlighten me with something other than cute catch phrases and flights of fancy, because this is the real world we live in, not some dream escape where the "intentions" of people can override the "actions" others.

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Let's hope. There is always hope. I will take hope over despair. That is my new attitude.

Many have said it, but I'll repeat it all again: What can we do for our country? What is good about America?

Sarah said...

Ah, I published too fast:

What is good about America should be followed up with this: what is bad about America can override what is good about America. Clinton (and many other leaders, no doubt) have said these words. My first question was asked by President Kennedy and has been repeated many times over.

But the questions and statements are definitely worth pondering over. Look at what our country - the everyday, normal citizens - did for the victims of 9/11. The response was heartfelt and worthy. Our public servants - fire, police, medical, and military - went beyond and above their duties. It is something I will never forget. This is the spirit of America, and it is always worth fighting for!

Sarah said...

"what is bad about America can override what is good about America."

It should say CANNOT! Oh geez, I type without thinking!

What is bad about America CANNOT override what is good about America!

Oh boy, need a break!