Monday, August 28, 2006

happy birthday beth!

happy birthday to beth!
happy birthday to beth!
happy birthday dear beth!
happy birthday to beth!

beth- have a happy birthday for heaven's sake! :)


QUASAR9 said...

Well betmo
I don't know Beth
but I guess one ought to join in

"Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Beth"

Hope you get a piece of cake
after she blows the candles. lol!

Peacechick Mary said...

Same here. Beth, you had better have a happy birthday and not mess around with Betmo!

Beth said...

Thanks, Betmo, you made my day!

Beth said...

and thanks, Peace Chick and Quasar!

MMMM.. my cake is sooooooooo gouod!

Granny said...

Hi Beth. Happy Birthday to you.

When betmo, speaks, I listen.

Beth said...

Thanks, Granny.

Beth said...

I would like to point out to Betmo that as your hubby's campaign manager, one has to be 42 to become president (I qualify now)...Does your hubby?

Also, it is now the new age limit to join the National Guard.

Thought your readers might appreciate this trivia.

Beth said...


Certain minimum requirements are established again, such as a 35-year minimum age. Presidents must also be a natural-born citizen of the United States. The President is to be paid a salary, which cannot change, up or down, as long as he in is office.

Beth said...

Q: Who was the youngest president? Who was the oldest?
A: The youngest elected president was John F. Kennedy at 43. The youngest president to be inaugurated was Theodore Roosevelt at 42, following the assassination of William McKinley. The oldest president is Ronald Reagan, who was 77 years old when he left office

Mary said...

Hey Beth Happy Birthday. I miss you!

Donnie McDaniel said...

Happy Birthday Beth!! I would post on it, and do it up real good for you, but this is going to be a very busy day for the Katrinacrat. August 29th is an all out blogswarm now for the anniversary of Katrina.

The Katrinacrat, The Democratic Daily, Shakespeares Sister, and many other bloggers are gonna bombard the net with Katrina post today. Have to counter the obvious photo ops and lies to be spread today.

Posting for Katrina

Beth said...

Thanks Mary and Donnie!

dawn said...

Happy birthday Beth, I hope you got the card this time, Love ya and miss ya

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

Happy belated birthday, Beth!

Beth said...

Thanks, the card.

and thanks, blog stud..