Saturday, August 26, 2006

fantastic retrospective

to any who need reminding of the last 6 years- of why we went to war and why we are fighting for nothing? take a look at chuck's blog and see the timeline. chuck has done a great job at bushmerika 2. thanks.


Chuck said...

Thanks for the plug betmo! I really appreciate it. :)

Blogger is doing its thing today. I've tried to comment three times.

Too often I see people referring to "blogwhoring", especially when one promotes their own blog- and it really pisses me off. We are doing nothing more than networking and it needs to be done because we can't count on the mainstream media for accurate information. We're all we have really, and we're necessary; especially in these times.

Periodically (not often enough) I do an "around the blogs", picking a few and descriptively linking them (AND I'M OVERDUE). Yours will certainly be included in my next one. I consider myself fortunate to have met you.

Thanks again!

sandy said...

Reading these blogs, you would think that there is a wave of change taking over this country.
But I live and work in the northeast, with some kind and wonderful people. We consider our office some kind of extended family, in a way- we are very supportive of each other.
But when the discussion turns to politics (which doesn't happen often), I am amazed to see how many Bush supporters I work with. They agree that the invasion of Iraq has not gone well, but they would vote for Bush again if they could - to "protect our way of life". I try to disagree in a non-confrontational way, but they believe what they believe. And, yes, many of these have strong Christian beliefs.
These are the folks that got him elected again. Not rednecks, not big-businessmen/women, just regular people.
So, I am worried about what happens next.

Chuck said...

I know exactly what you're talking about Sandy. We are totally polarized as a nation. The "great uniter" ended up being a horrible divider.

No one is changing anyone's mind (generally) at this point. We're more divided than we ever were pre-"Civil" War (considering the population differences), but this time we have no geographic boundaries.

One good thing, imo- those bush supporters in your office are in the minority.

I don't know about a wave of change in this country, although I have to believe that the Republicans will lose control of both the House and Senate this year as well as many state governorships.

I consider that blogging has just given us a much stronger way of voicing our concerns as opposed to the traditional LTE or standing on the street corner holding a sign. Blogging also gives us a nationwide solidarity, if you will. I mean, I would never have "met" betmo if it weren't for the blogs (as an example). At least "Divide And Conquer" is out. HA!

As an aside I don't believe that bush was elected in 2000 or 2004. I believe that both elections were stolen. I have studied this for over four years now and I have come to the conclusion that our nation was the victim of a coup.

sandy said...

You know, maybe it's true about the blogging thing. There are so many people who are so good at expressing the way they feel.
They say that all it takes is education to bring people around. It doesn't have to mean going back to school...just being aware of what is going on in the world by hopping around the blogging world.
At least we can hope so.