Thursday, December 10, 2009


i haven't been doing a great job with mine lately- although i do keep the laundry up and the floors vacuumed :) i find myself without much to say these days. i started this blog a long time ago- almost 4 years ago- and it's hard to believe. i was so very fired up and passionate about change- i shouted to the rooftops and beyond- we americans needed to wake up! and see what was being done in our names.

well, many, many folks did. and they took to the streets and they voted for change- about 2 years ago. and then, they took to the streets about a year ago- and voted again. and yes, there has been changes- good ones too. some of the more egregious sections of the patriot act have not been renewed and let's just say- we actually have an FDA again, albeit an overworked one. but, many things remain the same.

america is still under siege from the right who has hijacked the airwaves and we are inundated with the rightwing slant in most, if not all, of our media outlets. we see the same negative, obstructionist harangues from the same small minded, 'profit over people' folks in congress, state and local governments, celebrities, etc., until all hope seems to be sucked out of our psyches.

we know that atrocities were committed under the cheney/rumsfeld regime- we have foreign folks investigating it as i type. we see that the rightwing driven corporates have sucked the lifeblood out of our economy in order to pay for their own lavish lifestyles and private armies. we see our neighbors tasering us as if we were all common criminals- guilty until proven innocent in america these days- and we see profiling and the rise of the security state moving up to join our military industrial complex.

and there's a christmas malaise- thanks for the term president carter- and we herd ourselves into the corporate big box barns and pretend that everything is merry as we worry about bankruptcy and losing our jobs and our homes- and our lives. and we know that the american dream is long dead and buried alongside the american ideals of independence, individual freedoms and democracy. but, like the grade schooler on the cusp of losing their 'santa claus real' belief- we cling for all we are worth to that dream- that ideal.

and it's causing some real cognitive dissonance. did i mention i don't have anything to say? how can you comfort a death in the family? democracy is dead- replaced by homeland security that created job security on the backs of american citizens. how do we reconcile that?


Unknown said...

The mere mention of the words 'Homeland Security' gives me chills --- It's so Hitleresque.

Dave Dubya said...

Ich bin ein Homelander!