Monday, October 26, 2009

monday monday

mmm.... foggy morning but the sun is shining and i have the house opened to air out. beginning to smell like a hospital in here :) mr. betmo is on the mend and i am feeling fine- fingers crossed. mom is listening to hate media and gathering intel- and here i am. it isn't quite like a chess match- more like checkers at this point- the right trying to hamstring the left and the left not really making the effort to counter.

haven't weighed in on the health care debacle-- i mean debate- because it's a farce. the reason it is taking so long and there has been so much public see sawing with politicians- they are hammering out the final details of their deals with big insurance, big pharma and the ama. seriously. you don't honestly think they give a rat's ass about us? oh, sorry. you do.

as for us 'losing the wars' in afghanistan and iraq- the idea never was to win. it was to make obscene profits via private contractors, shell corporations and outright theft. i mean those folks are expendable anyway right? i mean they aren't white americans.

there is talk afoot that facebook is replacing blogs- and sadly, i see that as the wave of the future too. blogs are too clunky and slow for the twitter generation. i just think it removes one more element of debate. certainly, a social site as large as facebook is a good way to disseminate information quickly to a large number of folks (provided facebook hasn't 'upgraded' recently) but information is quickly buried too under the quick posts of others. unless you are really looking and scrolling- that info is lost. i don't have an answer- but i do know that not everyone is plugged into facebook- so, we are still relevant for the moment.

bloggers are still the watchdogs that our watchdogs used to be. let's keep on our toes.

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The Future Was Yesterday said...

["blogs are too clunky and slow for the twitter generation."]

Doublespeak for blogging requires thought and preparation - something that damn farcebook and titter is completly devoid of.

Come to farcebook and see how dumb, dumb can really get!!!