Wednesday, September 02, 2009

in spite of myself

i can't stop putting out the truth and valuable info. in reality, it's futile. there is no change and nothing left to really believe in- except ourselves. and isn't that what the common folks have always done in america? truth be told, america was founded- not by common folks but by elite nobleman and landowners. for them. and what they wanted it to be. not us.

we were sold a bill of goods and generations of us believed in the narrative- america for the people by the people. it was all a lie. now, we are splintered into crazy, right wing nutjobs manipulated for agendas out of the loop for us; left wing corporate shills who sold their souls to the highest bidders and forsook their principles for profit; confused and naive masses who want something to continue to believe in- and the rest of us. those of us who see and know where we are headed and realize that there isn't a god damned thing we can do at this point beyond living the rest of our lives as best we can.

i have been reading walt whitman these last few weeks- and i really admire his spirit. he had this vision of america and democracy that was so idealistic- so hopeful. 120 years or so later- well, let's just say walt would be sorely disappointed. he witnessed the civil war once- and i know that he would be heartbroken to know we have revived it.

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jmsjoin said...

Billie they will succeed in instigating others to fight their 2nd revolution but they are not going to like the way it turns out!