Friday, August 28, 2009

only the good friday

another week is ending- and i have to say that i am grateful that the summer is winding down. i am a bit depressed that i have no fruits of my labor to report from the garden. the season was simply too wet. i may or may not have tomatoes and corn- but surely no peppers and very few potatoes. the bright side- the only blight i have suffered thus far has been my beans. all of my beans succumbed to mildew and mites. my own fault for not keeping a closer eye.

business is slow at etsy- but i made $80 at the downtown festival last week- and i am signed up to do an honest to goodness craft fair in november. fingers crossed- i'd like to earn some yarn money. i am planning to join facebook for my business and link etsy to that- i'll keep ya posted. i am still not into twitter though.

life here- still rough. the fam pow wow went ok- i posted on my thoughts last week. my mother is searching for inner peace and driving me nuts because she repeats herself over and over. big work party this weekend here- hubby's office party. supposed to rain so we are planning for an inside party. moving the tv upstairs with a couple of the game systems- for rock band and wii sports :) we also have card games and board games so we should be fine. i am planning a yard sale for the first weekend in september to hopefully unload the crap i didn't sell at the festival. fingers crossed. then- a few outside projects before it gets cold- and the usual winterizing stuff.

i don't know if that's 'good'- but it is what it is. check out spadoman, thornie and shelly for their friday posts- and if you want to- leave a link to your own. namaste.

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