Friday, March 27, 2009

interesting links

giving up the lawn for survival- imho

blue dogs- the fact that they are separate from dems means they are not equal- they are indeed the rethugs' best friend

credit as a public utility- interesting

hot beverages may lead to throat cancer- sorry, i'll take the risk

ahhh... the rethuglicans. what can i say? they obstruct, and proselytize on the floors of capital hill and in front of any camera that will film them. they rolled out their idea of a 'budget'- which just underscores why we are in this fiscal mess in the first place- and now, their 'leaders' skip a crucial briefing on our wars (which they started) in the middle east. no one could ever accuse them of being intellectual heavyweights that's for sure.


UncommonSense said...

Re: "Hot Beverages May Lead to Throat Cancer"

Is there anything that "may" not lead to some sort of life-threatening illness these days?

You can take my coffee when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers!


The Future Was Yesterday said...

I fervently hope this project will achieve it's goal. But one thing that has to be counted on, is even IF folks try it for a year, and IF things start picking back up again, the lines at Mickie D's will be long again. It's the American way.

(From the link) "Is it possible that along with local, organic food, the First Garden can promote the thoroughly subversive idea that this symbol [lawns] has seen its day?"
A very uneducated person wrote that.

billie said...

well, that's probably true. i just don't see a rosy future when it comes to mass food production. so, the folks who give up their lawns have a better shot at survival than the ones who believe that pesticides (like my next door neighbor) work to control japanese beetles. they don't. you have to use them every year.

putting in food- well, that's practical. something the 'burbs will come to realize quickly enough.