Saturday, February 21, 2009

warning: reality ahead

i have been weighing what i should do over here because honestly, gleaning information, distilling, linking it, and presenting it- is mentally exhausting. so, i haven't much lately. plus, many folks don't seem to want to hear it anyway- so why should i put myself out to bring truth to the unwilling? but sometimes i can't help myself.

here's the ugly- the good times we had are over. it really is that simple. this country is a dangerous place not just because of the economy- but because the american people are at war with each other. but only one side apparently knows it. look, here's the deal- the right wing of this country is not benign. they are fearful and hate change. also, many are christian wingnuts who tote guns and belong to militias- christian not just state. that's a fact. please, do google and find out for yourself. these folks are not on the fringes. these folks firmly believe that they are in exile and that they need to save their country from foreigners, illegals and liberals. and no, i am not exaggerating.

look, the south never got over the first civil war- no, they didn't. they still fly their flag and they still burn crosses. they still have 'their side' of town and 'ours'- there is bigotry, racism, and hatred and white supremacy is still masked behind the facade of southern hospitality. segregation is alive and well. and that mentality is what is leading the right wing. the folks who have stepped into the breach and are filling up the vacuum left by dick and don- all white, all southern. oh, they deign to allow their western bumpkin brothers to join in- places like idaho and wyoming- but only in a secondary role.

hate media- tv and radio and their newsletters- all point to 'taking back' what's theirs. they are the 'true americans' they will protect the flag from us 'commie pinko liberals' they will bring back god and morality and kick out all of the dirty mexicans. it will come at a price but we on the lefter side of the ideological spectrum- and any poor person of color- well, we are collateral damage. we are currently fighting a war of words- but look for it to be guns and look for it soon.

bob cesca's awesome blog- the commenter is not atypical. ask jolly roger or any of a host of other lefty blogs.


Unknown said...

I would think that Obama being elected would have given you some optimism about the future.

Not because Obama is now President (although I think that is a great relief) but because the American people (to late for me) have finally rejected the hate filled politics of the right.

No, they will not disappear, ever. It is a constant fight, but they can be left without a serious voice and be impotent in the effect their voice has on our politics.

As Reagan once said, "I didn't leave the Democratic party, it left me." I believe many Republicans feel the same way about their party, now.

It could be that the Republicans might not reappear as a viable party for decades to come (one can hope). As for the far right, they will always be there, but without enough power to effect legislation.

I remember way back, when you were going to quit blogging. The right had you totally discouraged. I said wait, the people will have had enough of this and will force a change through their vote.

It happened. A little late to suit me, but it did happen. Whenever this country swings to far to the right, or the left, the people make the change through their vote.

I have been discouraged by the left and their hate filled tactics.

I stopped engaging in debate with many of the lefty blogs because I could not stomach their hate, even though they were the answer to getting rid of Bush.

If I wanted Bush out, I had to vote the Democratic candidate. My hope is that Obama does not listen to closely to the fringe left. If he does, his time in power will be short.

I think it's a good idea to investigate and prosecute the Bush administration. Not only because we have a duty to do so, but because it will cement in peoples minds just how bad they were and hopefully keep them from coming back in power.

We must show those who once supported that ideology and those people, that they were wrong and will not support them again. Convert them to a more liberal thinking.

If bimbo Palin is really going to be their next candidate, there is no chance of her winning and that will be the start of Republicans being left out of national politics for decades.

The lefties don't have all the answers and are infiltrated with their own nut jobs. Keeping all politicians real and honest is the objective, from my point of view.

Should have just wrote a post, anyways - your being upset about these hate mongers is understandable, but don't give up, be happy that these people are on the way out.

billie said...

my disaffection with the left has more to do with the fact that the politicians operate similarly to the right when it comes to cozying with lobbyists and whatnot. the blago scandal simply proved that politicians wheel and deal like that as a matter of course.

what causes me to shake my head is the sense amongst most that BECAUSE obama got elected- we can relax because everything will be fine. he will right the abuses of the last umpteen republican years- from reagan through bush 2- and the rank and file rethugs will lie down and grumble but take it.

nothing could be further from the truth. the religious right wing and the limbaugh/hannity supporters number in the millions. they do vote en masse and they do contact congress and they do give money in a seemingly endless supply. add to that now the million man mormon church- and the hagee militias- and it may still be a minority 'fringe' in this country but they have money.

i am not discouraged that right continues to fight. what discourages me is the fact that folks have expressed relief over me not printing as much 'negativity' over here recently. i didn't equate what i was posting to deliberate negativity- i equated it with attempting to keep people updated on the truth so that we could continue to fight for civil liberties.

and it isn't as much a left/right divide so much as it's folks who see that the world has changed irrevocably versus those who want to live in some fantasy land where we live in an america circa 1955. living in a bubble hasn't helped the right. and it certainly won't help the left.

billie said...

mmm.... i completely forgot about optimism :) i feel a sense of relief knowing that simply having a democrat in the white house and a majority in congress has soothed many in the world. it has brought a bit of calm in some parts. obama is energetically working and i give him credit for starting the process of gov't transparency. having said that- no, i have no optimism for the future.

that isn't to say that i am depressed- far from it. we are in for hardship the likes we have never seen before. climate change is irreversible and there is going to be widespread drought, flooding, wildfires, etc and there will be food shortages here in america. the crime rate will rise exponentially as the depression worsens and millions of people around the world will die. i can't change any of that.

all i can do is become as self sufficient as i can and encourage others to do the same. this is the life i was given by my parents and it is what i have to work with. but optimism- no.

jmsjoin said...

You make me laugh! You can't stop speaking the truth and trying to wake the country up any more than I can.
You are right about the south. They will never give up nor will the Islamists. Oh okay that's another story I better shut up!