Thursday, February 26, 2009

environmental stuff

thornie has a neat post on her thurday thirteen- about what to do with those millions of plastic shopping bags we all have. i am sure many recycle them- yeah!!!- but if you haven't and you are over run- take a peek at some of the neat things you can make from them.

also, consider buying recycled toilet paper. as green as i am trying to make my home, there are a few things i won't do without unless i have to- one being toilet paper. but i do try to buy recycled and honestly, seventh generation has good products. i buy as many of their products as i can get in my local stores. and, their toilet paper (when i can get it) and paper towels- are not rough. i also use their cleaning products- laundry and dishes mostly. pretty good.


Unknown said...

There's just something about the term 'recycled toilet paper' that doesn't feel good (no pun). Can't we call it 'toilet paper made from recyclables' or sumpin?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Thanks for the mention, sweety. Check out my 13 at my new witchy blog! The Eclectic Witch.
You'll get a kick outta it. Ya, I'm with Tim on the idea of recycled TP. Is it made from "post consumer waste"? *giggleshudder I use good ol' fashioned Scott. It biodegrades well which is important since we have a septic tank. We all make our choices, eh?? (Thornesparts are delicate)Hee hee

jmsjoin said...

That is funny I didn't think of that! I am by nature very frugal and green! We sometimes bring our own bags which is a habit I got into in Germany! If I have them I use them for leftovers or something! I have a bunch right now and will take them back to the store!