Tuesday, February 10, 2009

color me perplexed

as to how cold in the winter adds up to evidence that there is no global warming? here's the deal- green house gases trap heat- hence the melting polar ice caps in both poles. melting ice cools the oceans and voila` also changes weather patterns and makes winters in some areas a wee colder. don't worry fred- one day we won't have those pesky polar ice floes melting to cause the colder winters.

also, i am not an expert, but when you have folks playing around with weather patterns- chinese and americans- that isn't great either.


Unknown said...

Ever since the ice age, our planet has been warming. It will warm through another tropic age and then back to another ice age, that is a natural cycle for planet Earth.

The only way to tell if it is not natural is by the speed in which it occurs. Even then, we could not tell if the speed up is due to humans, or a naturally faster cycle change.

It is enough for me to see all the garbage we put into our environment, to know it is not healthy.

I do not have to prove to myself that the garbage is hurting the Earth, it is simply bad stewardship of the planet.

If we could prove that this garbage is not hurting the planet, should we continue to pollute the Earth anyways? Of course not!

One would have to look at hundreds of years of climate records to know if we are truly moving into a tropic cycle on Earth.

Meanwhile; how stupid do we have to be? Stop polluting the Earth!

Unknown said...

The suspicious thing about TPM's piece is, they said they called Barnes. Ole Fred has his head so far up his arse, is taking a call physically possible??????

Frederick said...

I did what? Oh, that Fred. Me personally I'm down with the theory that it's already to late to do anything, not that we shouldn't try, but the equation has already been altered on one end and the other side naturally must balance.