Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the world at large

well, i am glad that president obama is finally moving towards addressing climate change. too bad it's about 60 years too late. folks in power started hearing about climate change in the 1950's and there was a letter from scientists to our 'elected' officials in the 1970's. yes, folks, greed has taken the planet. a new study says that our time is past for really reversing climate change. guess we had better get used to the weather extremes and all that goes along with it. our way of life has changed even if we don't want it to- even if we are kicking and screaming and throwing a fit to keep it. the un says that we need to produce more food by 2050 to stave off starvation and a real global issue. i say- not gonna happen. the genetically modified seed; paved over arable land; overused farm land; petroleum based fertilizers and pesticides, etc., are not conducive to sustainability. so, c'est la vie. what is is. i am not saying that we shouldn't change and move forward to make this planet better- we should do what we can for the future folks who may still be alive.

on to healthcare, well, it sucks here in america with its waste and graft and overall difficulty in accessibility. but you won't get to see anything that says that- especially a bbc documentary covering the healthcare crisis in america. guess our sensibilities are just too delicate. oh, and that yearly exam you feel you must have- or that you must have for work- don't really need it. go figure. kind of like the 3,000 mile oil change that you don't really need because synthetic oils are more efficient than in the past. i get mine every 6,000 give or take.

mac users- no real reason to be quite so smug anymore- there's a particularly nasty bit of malware aimed right at you. that's my psa for the day. oh, and go figure that rove's former aide is now working for james dobson's focus on the family. i mean this guy gets hired after massive layoffs there. the lord taketh and giveth i guess.

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