Saturday, January 31, 2009

what am i missing?

why do we need private security firms to contract with the state department to guard diplomats? i am not well versed in military etiquette but shouldn't our armed forces be utilized since they are there anyway? does anyone know if this is the way we have always guarded diplomats?

state dept. not to renew blackwater contract in may- but since the iraqis want them out that was the real reason. not because the state dept. gives a shit.

and why is this shocking? and no, it's not a pun- kbr is a subsidiary of halliburton. if cheney headed up halliburton, you know what kind of scruples anything or anyone associated has.

i ran into this very cool website- i found it to be interesting and hopeful- young candidates run in local elections. folks, i have said over and over that we have to be vigilant in keeping the neocons and regressives out of our local, state, and national gov't. we have seen what their tenure in power has done to the whole globe- and quite frankly, the young folks have a right to give it a try. they are inheriting this mess from us. important to remember though- fundies and neocons also have young people who they will run for office. you must choose the candidate- not the age. and experience is not always a plus.

and because i loathe fundamentalism- the existentialist cowboy- the role of american fundies in decline of west

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