Saturday, January 03, 2009

we should support them

as much as possible and keep the pressure up on the new admin to stand up to the zionist bullies who have control of the israeli government.

"These strong statements, along with ones from J Street (the political arm of the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement) and the Israel Policy Forum (IPF), are in sharp contrast to many of the more hawkish traditional pro-Israel groups, who make no mention of a cessation of armed hostilities. The confident assertions from the four groups are a relatively new sort of campaign.

"You see a voice that is increasingly clear and has a significant resonance in the American Jewish community, and beyond the Jewish community, that takes a position, stakes it grounds and won’t be intimidated," said Daniel Levy, a former Israeli negotiator and the director of New America Foundation’s Middle East Task Force, one of the four groups."

there are many within israel who do not support this terrorism- meet the high school seniors who are willingly putting themselves in jail rather than enlist:

from wikipedia:

"Contemporary instances of refusal to serve occur among individuals and in groups. Some claim that the rise in instances of soldiers refusing to serve, as well as the gradual shift in public opinion regarding the phenomenon, has been influenced by the growing politicization of the IDF."

but we don't get the kind of news here that israelis get in their homeland- and we don't get to see the very real israeli outrage at what is being done in their name with our bombs and missiles.

here's the deal, i don't give a rat's ass about your religion- be you jew, muslim or christian. and christians, you all need to butt the fuck out. there is no rapture and the zionists do not have a right to commit genocide out of greed and hatred in the name of alleged religious beliefs. the holocaust was horrible but that does not give the jewish folks in israel license to do the very same thing that was perpetrated against them.

this is not about the right of israel to simply exist. that myth was put to bed a long time ago. this is about using extremely flimsy excuses to commit wholesale murder against a besieged, broken mass of people. these folks- have rocks and a few missiles against air, bombs, tanks, guns, etc. not really a fair fight after being starved and denied basic human necessities. it's over- let's look at it for what it really is- the israeli version of the neocons wanting what they want at any price.

the illegal settlements continue and the palestinian folks are walled up and sealed off and being denied any relief or aid- until they die. then, the israeli profiteers can swoop in and build with impunity. dead folks can't sue or fight back. disgusting. and the world is railing against it.

and bushco sanctioned it. par for the course with these bastards.


Frederick said...

Bushco sanctioned it.
Our current Democratic Congress sanctioned it.
Obama has sanctioned it.

There is not one sympathetic ear in higher national elected office that will acknowledge publicly the truth about what Israel is unjustly doing to the Palestinian people. And that's where we stand.

Unknown said...

And with Obama's secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, at his side, a pro-Israel hawk, I doubt any position stance will take place.

Thanks, Bet. I intend to keep on top of this one. The Israeli government and military are wrong, U.S. military and political support are wrong.

The myths about Israel that perpetuate decade among Americans need to be challenged.

Frederick said...

I did a little artwork for the occasion...

Dianne said...

I came here from Pagan's place.

All the news on TV talks about how the Isreali people are behind this horror

Thank You for all your research!!

Life As I Know It Now said...

Thank you for saying exactly what I think! (Came over her via Pagan.)