Sunday, January 04, 2009

know what i find interesting?

how loudly the crickets are sounding on the left over all of the outrages that bushco is leaving us before leaving us. the constant erosion of civil liberties; the continued raping of our country's resources for profit; the continued sabre rattling and ongoing war profiteering..... yep. crickets.

what i also find astounding- the lack of desire from many on the left to speak out against israel. apparently, we are back to the old chestnut of israel defending itself and blah, blah, fucking blah. most of that horseshit in america derives from the judeo-christian indoctrination from the pulpits of our alleged 'christian nation.' something about the jews being god's chosen people. boy, god certainly got screwed on that because the folks in charge in israel- and aipac- are spoiled brats. he should have definitely not 'spared the rod' with them because now, they feel that they can bully and beat up anyone who is weaker than they are because they have a group of big friends who continue to abet them.

but what i am really not surprised at is the lack of insight and courage coming out of christians on the left. nope. not surprised at all. christians in america roll right over and play dead- go completely mute and decide not to take a stand or look too deep because they may see something that doesn't reconcile with their alleged beliefs. don't want to offend because hey, the christians need the jews to get their shit together and finish off the palestinians in order for the rapture to come (any day according to the evangelical talking heads like robertson and parsley and hagee).

being outraged over genocide isn't being addicted to outrage. many of us are burned out by outrage because of the sheer volume of it needed to make up for the lack of outrage by so many over the last 8 years. if some of ya'll on the left grew a fucking conscience and backbone- the rest of us wouldn't need a good recharge. we wouldn't have had the last 30 years of reaganism, and 2 bushes and a clinton. and we wouldn't have to again stand up and feel outrage that- not only does america torture prisoners it kidnaps off the streets here and abroad, but america sanctions and pays for mass murder and genocide.

keep praying left wingers- something might eventually happen when pelosi and reid and obama get their heads out of their collective asses. until then-

cue crickets...


Frederick said...

Which is why I found this video of Crispen Sartwell talking about his book, specifically the consent of the governed part, so interesting and cited it in one of my latest posts.

I do not consent to my tax dollars being used for this evil being perpetrated in Gaza, but until our elected officials represent us...

epikles said...

Israel has learned nothing from history - but then again, who has?

They continue to plant more seeds of their own eventual destruction. In the meantime, America is bought and paid for. It doesn't matter what anybody on the 'left' might say about it. If you want to know the reason why, you need to look no further than the fact that Israel was founded by European Jews, and the color of their skin is more than half the ticket. Collective Western guilt covers the rest.

eaprez said...

Voices on the left have not been able to hold our own government accountable for war crimes and other indiscretions. Our ability as a nation to speak out against atrocities is lost until such time as we get our own house in order.