Wednesday, January 21, 2009


no one probably remembers my call to boycott starbucks over leaving their water running constantly- they have since changed that thankfully. via my mom- and i don't have much info on the whole thing so someone please feel free to look into it and leave it in the comments-

corporate social responsibility- hopefully it isn't akin to 'green washing' and environmental

starbucks 'i'm in campaign'

hands on network

my own quick thought- reduce, reuse, recycle. buy local and volunteer. it will strengthen communities and we can all keep out an eye for the types of corruption and ideology we are hopefully moving forward from. they always start small- school boards, local and state gov'ts, etc. just a thought


Unknown said...

I don't remember the starbucks post but I don't go there, ever. Firstly, they're corporate fucks and secondly, their coffee is awful (in my opinion).

I was actually really affected by what Obama said about everyone pitching in. We NEED as a nation to have our president tell us this. If he becomes a sort of parent figure for a leaderless nation, I'm all for it. I have volunteered to take on after-school tutoring for kids who need homework help at school.

Thorne said...

Hehe. Actually, Starbucks is one of the few corporations that actually listen to environmental complaints about their practices/policies. I remember the first time I boycotted them over rain forest issues and fair trade coffees. They changed that. Then we all complained about the throwaway cups and sleeves. Now you only get a sleeve if you ask, and coffee in your own cup is discounted (even the special coffees). And now you say they have made this change too. I think that rocks!
I really believe that we will never change corporate america whole cloth, but companies that are willing to effect change are at least moving in the right direction!