Tuesday, January 20, 2009

happy new year!

millenials and gen xers 'just say no' to the boomers

"They, like the president-elect, have little patience for the simmering feuds and nasty partisanship of their elders...

“There’s an impression that people who came of age then were looking at ideas of utopia and ‘great societies,’ ” said Laura Segal, 38, a Gen Xer who worked in the Clinton White House. “We’re not dreaming of a ‘great society.’ We’re more ready to work for a good society.”

A lot of Gen Xers and millennials preferred Obama to boomer Hillary Clinton because he seemed more tuned in to what’s happening now."

pete souza, official photographer,

"He spent four hours setting up the right conditions and background for Obama's official photo -- then five minutes taking the picture that will be seen around the world. It's the first presidential portrait taken with a digital camera." (emphasis mine)

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fjb said...

Just went and checked out his website. Wow! The shots going into Afghanistan are amazing. Still can't figure out what kind of camera he uses - yah I know, WTF does that matter. I loooove my Nikon DSLR I got last year and always get such a cheap thrill when I see a pro using one.:)

Thanks for all the links lately, BTW. I'm trying to absorb everything that's happened over the last month. Also trying to let everyone, including myself bask in the Obama moment. Tomorrow, it's back to work, so look out Barak, I'll be paying close attention to your foreign policy.:)

Dave Dubya said...

Such a bright and happy day for America! The darkness finally leaves the White House.

We deserve this one.

Enjoy your celebration.