Wednesday, January 28, 2009

community building

it is no secret that america is broken. we have much work to do and we are at the beginning steps- but the journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step. in the online community, we have tasked ourselves with keeping the truth in plain sight because we know that the folks who ultimately brought this country- and the globe- to its knees are not going away. you can see that in the eyes of john boehner. it is vital that we stick together because america, as a whole and as individuals, does not have the proper coping skills needed to stay strong and survive. we don't. some of us do, but many of us simply short circuit and shut down.

and i say that to say this- reach out to your neighbors. yes, i know. after saying how much i was grateful to not have the sorry assed neighbors i used to have- it sounds strange. but there was a group there that looked out for each other. i doubt that 7 people would have perished out of desperation had they lived in my old neighborhood- and i doubt that a 93 year old man would have frozen to death in my old neighborhood. folks, i can't make it more plain than that. the rich and/or the corporates don't care a rat's ass about you- they will foreclose and kick you out of the home you built with your family in a heartbeat. they will turn you out and they will turn off your utilities. the christian groups will help you if you convert-- and if you aren't homosexual or colored or foreign.

we only have each other. and there are only a few of us strong enough to shoulder what lies ahead. we are going to have tough decisions to make and they won't be easy. life decisions generally aren't. it's why so many forego making them in the first place. easier to run and bury your head in the sand- or the bible- than it is to face the difficulties that life throws at you. but if we don't choose to stick together- we may end up sharing together anyway. it's funny, even with a regime change in congress and in the white house, there doesn't seem to be all that much change. h/t to suzie q

rep. alcee hastings (d-fl)

'To direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to establish national emergency centers on military installations.'

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